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The Next Chapter

I found out, very unexpectedly, this will be my last week working with the Foster Care Agency.  They are having to cut costs, and I was another cut.  So, after 17 years of working with foster children and foster parents in some capacity or another, it seems this chapter of my life is now complete.

Job loss is familiar to many people, and I can now relate to the immediate punch in the gut. But, thankfully, I was quickly reminded of my father and hope you can be encouraged or will encourage someone with his story.

Not long after Hurricane Ike, my father’s landlord finally decided to tear down the building which was housing his taxidermy business.  He was very discouraged and disappointed, to say the least.  This meant a quick end to his business and didn’t make sense in his mind.  It also meant him moving his “hobby” home to a small, portable building.  This was in his plans for the future.  But, it was taking place too soon.  This wasn’t what he had planned.

However, my father could have never arranged what ended up transpiring.

Since we homeschooled, my two boys (Camden and Caleb) began excitedly running across the street and popping in at Grandpa’s house or “shop” literally on an-almost-daily basis.  Their relationships blossomed tremendously, and Grandpa began to forget about the disappointment of losing his business.  He began to smile and laugh more often than ever before.

Just by chance, Grandpa would have cookies fresh out of the oven about the time the boys would arrive.  During the middle of the day, Grandpa would havee to take breaks and out of nowhere a cowboy movie would be showing on the television at that exact time in his living room.  Camden would eagerly complete his school work so he could sit on a stool in that stinky taxidermy building watching Grandpa mount animals and absorbing Grandpa’s every word as he listened to story after story about boyhood, about hunting, about anything Camden wanted to discuss.  Mostly about life.

What Grandpa didn’t know about “life” was that his was coming to an end.  That was his last year with his boys.

As I look at the big picture, I can see how God delicately wove that beautiful ending into the final chapter of my father’s book.

What Grandpa originally thought was disruptive, depressing and discouraging ended up being wonderfully divine.

Looking forward to my next chapter.

5 thoughts on “The Next Chapter”

  1. Truth. God’s ways defy human reasoning! I’m SO glad!!! He’s so good! *Had to share on my facebook timeline and Bones in My Heart fb page and my church’s page, as well! Thank you!

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