Secondhand Steak: Want Some?

Have you ever considered having someone chew a piece of steak and then spit it on your plate for you to swallow?

Me either.

But, my pastor proposed today that many of us often rely solely on a Sunday sermon for our weekly spiritual meal and compared it to him chewing a piece of meat and then spitting it on our plates for us to consume.

{Note to self: Do not sit across from nor next to BK at a church dinner in the event he feels an unction to bring his analogy to life, which would set the stage for me to paint a picture of what Revelation 3:16 might resemble.  And, although I love drama, that’s not the performance I’d pick to pull off in public.}

During BK’s sermon, the mental image of him chawing on a rib eye and then spewing a piece of slobber-soaked, cooked cow on my plate was a difficult vision to dispel.  However, the proposed secondhand sustenance brought to mind the value of “chewing” on God’s Word myself.  I am, in no way, discounting the importance of having the Word taught through a man of God.  Nor am I presuming BK meant his teaching was comparable to hand-me-downs.

{Not that I, personally, am denouncing hand-me-down garments.  So, keep them coming, loyal and dependable givers.}

His analogy simply reminded me that we must chew on the fresh and meaty Words of God to receive the nourishment needed to flourish and thrive.

Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. (1 Timothy 4:15)

Enjoy your Sunday steak!

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