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Be Still!

There was a particular time in my life when I was desperately endeavoring to create something in my own strength.

But, God was telling me:

Be still and know that I am God… (Psalm 46:10a)

I was working as a social worker mostly from home but had to meet with foster parents or attend meetings in the office on occasion.  Therefore, I needed a babysitter.  I had secured help from girls at church for some time.  But, there came a day when they could no longer help, and I was in need of a new sitter.

I began searching for the perfect caretaker.  Although some may have considered me obsessive, I prefer to think I was simply particular about who watched our baby and toddler.

{Seriously.  What’s obsessive about requiring a sitter to review and initial a Cristal-created-caretaker-manual which included, but wasn’t limited to, instructions to log all feedings, napping & manners of activity related to the processes of elimination, including form and frequency?  Really.  That’s just being prudent, people.}

As the days of being sitter-less quickly approached, I began to fret…in the sense of agonize, grieve and languish.  That kind of fret. It was down to the wire, and I could find no one to care for our boys in my absence (even after somewhat lowering my standards).

That’s when I began to hear God repeatedly whisper, “Be still and know that I am God.”

I’m not sure how long His still, small voice was speaking before I finally heard Him.  But, once I began to listen, it was that “I” part He continually stressed.  Basically, “You are not God.  I am.”  I am.  I’ve heard that somewhere before.

And then came…  

Now, be still.

Oh.  Ummm…Let me get this straight.

You mean, don’t worry, God?

I get it.  I think.  Let me try out this “be still” thing.

I began to force my mind to be still to receive the peace and comfort God had to offer.  I reminded myself that He is God (and I am not).  This wasn’t an instant Clark Kent to Superman transformation.  It was a creeping, yet progressive, caterpillar to butterfly undertaking.  Gradually, I traded the anxiety for assurance.  The concern for calmness.  And the tension for tranquility.  Deep breath.  Relax.  Exhale slowly.  Aaaaah.  Spread your wings and fly, butterfly!

After I embraced stillness, the I am part clearly unfolded.  One of my husband’s former student-aides, who’d just moved home from college and was looking for some revenue, approached him at a track meet and asked (drumroll, please), “Hey coach, do you need a babysitter?”

Holy smoke!  She had no idea we were shopping for a sitter.  The Great I AM had spoken to her, too.

My worrisome and striving efforts to secure a babysitter had been wasted energy and time.  God was in control of the entire situation and had already hand-chosen a babysitter before I even knew I’d need one.

And, the pot o’ gold at the end of this rainbow revelation is that, through our new sitter sharing her parents with our boys, we were able to adopt another set of grandparents!

Eleven years later, we still have Mama and Papa Burr.

   I thank God for His instructions to BE STILL…

 And know that He is God.

Be still and know that I am God… (Psalm 46:10a)

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