Fight the Flu Naturally and WIN!

My favorite flu remedy (this has worked for years for my family as well as others):

  1. Source Naturals Liquid Vitamin D3 (For 3 days, we take 50,000 IUs…5 drops=5,000 IUs — do not take this mega dose for more than 3 days.)
  2. Source Naturals Liquid Herbal Resistance
  3. Source Naturals Wellness Flu Guard Pellets or Oscillo (You MUST begin this at very first sign of flu)
  4. If coughing, Source Naturals Wellness Cough Syrup
  5. If sore throat, Source Naturals Colloidal Silver Throat Spray and NOW Zinc/Elderberry Lozenges
  6. Epsom Salt baths

You will need to have these items before you’re hit with the flu and begin treatment immediately.  I order everything from iHerb (but you could certainly learn to make some of the herbal liquids/tinctures).

 Obviously, I’m not a doctor.  See my disclaimer on main Living Life Healthy page. 🙂

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