Goodbye Murky ~ Hello Berkey!

We have used many water filtration systems over the years in an attempt to produce non-murky drinking water.  I’ve had numerous people ask for my recommendations.  This year, we switched to the Berkey system. 

There are a ton of thorough reports on the internet about the amazing advantages of all the Berkey systems.  So, I won’t reiterate what’s already been written. 

I will give you a peek at our Crown Berkey.

Crown Berkey holds 6 gallons of water (which our family uses in one day).  We fill the top tank up at night and have fresh, clean water in the morning.  We have been pleased with this water (after adapting to non-reverse osmosis water).

I highly recommend ordering a Berkey from a reputable dealer (vs. straight from the Berkey company).  We had reason to contact the company shortly after purchasing our Berkey and were extremely dissatisfied (they wouldn’t answer the phone nor return voice mails).  Once we contacted More Than Alive (dealer from whom we purchased Berkey), we received instant assistance from a friendly customer service representative.  {There is a link to their website at the bottom of this page (blue box).} 

Happy drinking! 

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