Thanks Living

Thanks Living

A friend recently loaned me a book which she believed I was meant to read. (Thank you, Tiffany!)  When I received the book with the cover on backward and upside down, I was also certain this was mine to leaf through.  My life often seems backward and upside down.

The treasure discovered in this book was the reminder to be thankful in order to live life fully.

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me, and whoever orders his conduct, I will show him the salvation of God. (Psalm 50:23)

More than thanks giving.  A life of thanks living.

A life lived full of thanks.

A life offering sacrifices of praise.

Fully alive and full of gratefulness.

On Mondays, across the world-wide web, seekers of joy are offering thanksgiving in order to live fully right where we are.

Thanks living.

A simple chronicle.  Multitudes of blessings from throughout the prior week or that day, finding reasons to offer thanks in even the ordinary.  I won’t list all, but will share random blessed gifts and sacrifices of praise.

Won’t you join us?  Add your list (any time before the next Monday) to the comments below and embrace a life of gratitude.

Beware: you’ll begin finding God everywhere.  You may even begin to live fully alive!

A few of my multitudes…

  • small handprints on the refrigerator (because one day he’ll be grown)
  • being allowed to dream big dreams
  • texts from girl friends which spur me along
  • challenge to 40 days of prayer emphasis
  • hot cocoa during a chilly football game
  • sounds of nighttime giggles
  • husband who loses football game but kisses me on the field post-game and reminds me I’M GOING TO GUATEMALA
  • a 12-year-old who hides around corners to jump out & startle me
  • a 14-year-old who finds simple pleasure in going hunting on his birthday
  • wind chimes, given by a friend, ringing crisply on a cold morning


5 thoughts on “Thanks Living”

  1. i don’t know why I’ve been struggling so hard with this. truly I am thankful for…

    the little bird that sings outside my window every morning and evening.
    a 16 year old son that says everyday “love you pa”
    A job that allows me to pursue my passions
    getting paid to follow Jesus 🙂
    hardships that became blessings for my family (hurricane Ike)
    2 dogs that always want me around no matter what
    watching my 2 oldest become adults
    people that pray for me
    friends across the world
    a good cat – I’ve needing one a long time
    that God rescued me!

  2. my 10 year old singing in the shower!
    my 2 year getting excited about the “pepper ally” every friday.
    the moon that shine through my skylight at night so I don’t have to use a nightlight.
    friends who have become my family even when I never wanted to meet them.
    old people at church! I love them so much!
    A husband that says “James Chapter 1” everytime I start to complain. And he says it when he is complaining as well.
    my college kids who keep coming back on thursdays
    Seeing my kiddos pray.
    that huge bag of coffee my friend gave me that gets me going every morning

    I know I could sit here and keep adding things but I will end with this one… the other day we were taking the puppy out and currie was barefoot as usual, when we walked in her little feet made wet foot prints everywhere. I wanted to save them forever. I looked at then and just thanked God right then for her little feet. Then that night I started to complain when I walked into my bedroom and there were wet bigger footprints leading from the shower to the hallway. But I stopped myself this time cause I will miss hers too and God reminded me of the sweet moment from the moment with Currie and I thanked Him for Chloe’s little feet too.

  3. Oh, Tiffany. You allowed God to show you the blessing in the big footprints. Thank you for sharing. Why do I find it easier to offer grace to my little man than to my older one? Thank you for the book (I’ll give it back soon)!

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