Wherever you are, be all there

As I put the final touches on my trip preparation, I am faced with all sorts of uncertainties.  At the last minute, my boys have some issues which need a mother’s touch.  And I want it to be my touch.

This hasn’t taken God by surprise.  And it’s another opportunity for me to fully trust Him.

I have written in the front of my bible…

Never try to live your life with God in any way other than His way.  His way means absolute devotion to Him, showing no concern for the uncertainties that lie ahead. This is the secret of walking with Jesus.  ~Oswald Chambers

I gazed deeply at this truth in the quiet hours of today’s morning while my men slept soundly…Asking God to help me show no concern for the uncertainties that lie ahead…Knowing He is the One in charge of this trip.

Just below those words in my bible is a reminder from a courageous man, Jim Elliot…

Wherever you are, be all there

As I spend my days following God into Guatemala, or wherever I am, I want to be all there.

About Cristal

Living life fully as the wife of one, a mother of two and follower of The One.
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7 Responses to Wherever you are, be all there

  1. kthroyal says:

    I listened to one of Emily’s talks recounting our trips this past summer. There is one place that is the favorite that we went to first. She made a comment about being in the not favorite place. Wow I know that was very confusing, but your post made me think of what she said. She said “I was so focused on where I wanted to be that I wasn’t focused on where I was.” I think that goes along with “wherever you are, be all there.”
    Have a great trip. I’ll be 50 when you see me again. Hope you still recognize me.

  2. dschondog says:


    As my good friend Andrea Dawn says, “If you are not now here, you are no where.” The present is all we have at any given moment. Be fully there.

    Bless you as you travel,

  3. Liz Mason says:

    Great Post! Thank you for sharing.

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