Thanks Living

Life among the dead

In Guatemala, we were taken to the National Cemetery.

Colors of gray and black.  A stench of decay thick in the air (and you really don’t want to know what caused the foul, defiling odor).  Heavy wings uncomfortably close to our ears.

Hoping angels were soaring in to lift me out of the pit, I turned my eyes to the sky.  To my horror, I found we’d entered a swarm of vultures.  A scene I imagine Stephen King would relish.


We walked through the emptiness, life walking amidst death.  At the edge of a cliff, we beheld piles of garbage as far as we could imagine.  Men, women and children were digging through the trash for sustenance and survival.

Behind me were the remnants of death.  Before me were the fighters for existence.

I remembered eucharisteo.  Charis delightThanks livingGive God thanks always.

But here and now.  A graveyard.  Vultures.  A trash dump.  How?

My heart heavy but inviting, Lord show me life.

I turned to see a flower.  Surrounded by death.  A small sign of grace.

Charis joy.  My eyes were opened.  Intentional, but hard, eucharisteo.  I began searching.  Another flower.  And yet another.

A life of gratitude slowly bringing transformation.

The flowers had been there before I saw them.  Beauty dwelling with buzzards.  Life among the dead.

I sought for hope.  For joy.  For thanksgiving.

I found God.

And my Multitudes on Monday has permeated into all the days of my week.

My multitudes of thanksgiving…

God showing up in a cemetery

A husband who prays for my needs in another country before I’m aware of what I lack

A gift bag full of provision from sisters who make sacrifices for Christ

The deep prayers of warriors approaching the Throne on my behalf

Finding love letters and pictures hidden in a suitcase which traveled with me to Guatemala

Friends, family and a church who encourage me to walk the path God’s paved

Hearing the familiar “mom” from the voices of my boys in an airport

Tasting milk and honey while giants loom

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6 thoughts on “Life among the dead”

  1. Thanks be to God for the indescribable gift.

    In Joshua 14, Caleb asks for the land where giants live for his portion of the promised land, and “perhaps” God would provide the victory.

    Amen my sister, thank you for the blessing.

  2. you have touched a tender chord in my heart… I have seen this over and over in Mexico and South Africa and I don’t think the pain ever goes away… the tears right now are streaming down my face uncontrollably… I know that poverty only too well and what aches is the helplessness to do enough…to pull them all out … so the ache I have to lift to God who also sees and knows how we hurt with Him. I have to believe that somehow He is able. And then I walk away… still in my heart their faces never leave me and I pray with out ceasing, day in day out that the giants will fall and the people will be free to worship and give eucharisteo. That somehow in this world where God has already given enough that we would share the abundance with all …God is able!
    Your writing is simply beautiful. I feel your heart.

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