If he loses, he’s not lost

My husband left ahead of us this morning, meeting the football players and other coaches, in preparation of their third playoff game.  Before leaving, we held hands as a family and prayed.

While many coaches (Texas high school football, no less!) would pray for success and a hearty win, my husband exposed his heart.

Father God, if there is anyone on our way to or at the game who has never come to know You as his personal Lord and Savior, give me or Cristal the opportunity to share You with him.

The players, coaches and fans are hoping for another opportunity to advance closer to a State championship title.

My husband is anticipating that and much moreAn opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God.

Steady perseverance.  Unshakable faith.  Focused vision.  Determined purpose.

Even if the Pirates lose a football game, this coach is a winner.


About Cristal

Living life fully as the wife of one, a mother of two and follower of The One.
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8 Responses to If he loses, he’s not lost

  1. and so is His team !
    What an inspiration… God’s people scattered… not of the world but in it, making a difference for Him 🙂
    Hats off to you dear coach!

  2. dschondog says:

    Dear Cristal,

    Ah, I am so blessed to have passed by here today. What focus! And above I read my dear friend, Susan’s line, “God’s people scattered…not of the world but in it, making a difference for Him” Ah, it makes me want to shout! God’s plan is so magnificent!

    Lots of Thanksgiving here,

    So how’d the Pirates do (in football and the Kingdom)?

  3. Wonderful post!!
    And tonight my family and I watched “Facing the Giants.”
    Nothing is impossible with God!!
    I think the team have a winning coach! 🙂

  4. pbus1 says:

    Hi Cristal,

    Beautiful story! It is truly an inspirational one, for sure! “Even if the Pirates lose a football game, this coach is a winner.” So, so true! The pictures are great! I’m glad I visited today.

    Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to the fellowship. God bless you and your family today, and everyday!


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