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One Egg Left

Before leaving for Guatemala, two weeks ago, I was sharing a woman’s infertility struggles with a friend.  I explained, “She has only one egg left.”  By neglecting to elaborate on the type of egg, I confused my friend.  She questioned the fact of having only one egg for a meal.  We laughed at the miscommunication and commented, “Who’d only have one egg left to eat!”

One week later, God introduced me to a one-egg-left situation. 

In Guatemala, as we visited the poor in the mountainside community, we were told about a single mother of three.  She was struggling to feed her children. 

She had only one egg left. 


In my comfortable life, with three dozen eggs resting cozily in my refrigerator, it’s easier to laugh off the thought of poverty than swallow the hard pill of truth.  It’s more difficult to laugh when standing uncomfortably in the midst of the poor. 

My heart was broken.  And I was ashamed. 

As Christmas approaches, there is often a seemingly legitimate excuse for self-thought.  I’m being asked what I want for Christmas.  It’s a good excuse to look at my “needs” and make requests for myself.  Right?

What if we take our eyes off ourselves this year?  What if we consider we really need very little.

Especially in comparison with someone who truly has only one egg left.

And, with a one-egg-left situation in mind, it isn’t difficult to give thanks for every small portion of life. 

A few of my multitudes…

sharing warm butternut squash with my little man on a cold day

birds chirping during a gray day

feeding ducks at the park

reading my boys’ thankful scribbles in our gratitude journal:

diced peaches, Christian rap, apple cider, Lecrae, Mommy, school, folding clothes, and Jesus, God & the Holy Spirit

a gift from my mother flying straight to my heart…


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9 thoughts on “One Egg Left”

  1. Talk about an in your face example. Thanks for sharing this. You know Cristal as I was re-reading your post my heart was softened by the reality that our God is so gracious and cares so much for us as his daughters. I know that his heart melts with the needs of our sister in Guatemala who only has one egg to feed her children. I know that his heart melts with the needs of your friend who has one egg left in order to bear her children yet unborn. His heart is that tender towards us. His arms are that strong to handle all of our cares.

  2. I love that ornament. What a great reminder! And what a beautiful list. I enjoyed reading what your boys wrote. 🙂

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