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Wanted: My husband needs a *new* wife

She looks well to the ways of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness (Proverbs 31:27) As January approaches, a desire to start something afresh arises in my soul.  Is it that way with you each new year? … Continue reading

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We threw (borrowed) convictions out the window last night

On our way to the mall to make Christmas returns, I overheard a conversation between my boys in the backseat. “I want to go to Barnes and Noble.” “No, Camden.  They don’t celebrate Christmas.  I’m boycotting that store.” Camden quickly … Continue reading

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Sweetness of memories on a tree

There are many pleasures to be found in Christmas.   We must be careful to cling to the Substance versus chasing shadows which will leave us empty on December 26th. The Substance will fill us with joy and peace every day … Continue reading

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A dirty ministry

I was privileged to have been recently invited by an industrious and creative friend to take part in her garden ministry. An emergence of love rooted in dirty ground. A service of sacrifice stemming from a seed. Sharing time with hands of all sizes. … Continue reading

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For this do iHope

Our children’s choir presented the iHope Christmas musical at church last weekend. Hope presented with childlike faith. Worship with complete abandon {check out face to the sky, hands raised high Harrison on the back row} Sharing a message with thirsty … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving and smoldering ashes

A phone call yesterday morning delivered the news my friend’s home had burnt down in the middle of the night.  She and her husband barely escaped with only the clothes they’d worn to bed.  Thankfully, their children had spent the night … Continue reading

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I’m expecting! {and you’re the first to read my good news}

With weather in the 80’s, wearing a t-shirt & shorts, Caleb stood with bare feet gazing out the dining room window and mused, “It hasn’t snowed lately.” You live in Southeast Texas, child.  Were you expecting snow? It’s possible he’s fondly reminiscing about Christmas with Grandma in … Continue reading

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All they really want for Christmas…

(Email friends & family click here to view the video)

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The practice of thanks living

When my children were quite young, I began taking to heart the need to train them. Discipling our children. For instance, when they were still of preschool age, I prepared them for a dentist appointment I had scheduled for myself … Continue reading

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Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands (a review)

Approaching Christmas with children is sticky, and maybe even downright thorny, if a parent is attempting to truly teach the meaning of the season. Each year, I find myself missing the opportunity to impress upon my boys the reason for celebrating Christ’s … Continue reading

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