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Listen closely for Eucharisteo

This morning, Caleb came to me with concerns that filled his twelve-year-old world with weighted worries.  He tearfully shared fears and anxieties. 

In the midst of our conversation, a brief silence rested between words.  The faint chorus of melodious chimes floated into our living room from outside the window during that intermission.  As we tuned our attention to the sound, the wind chimes grew louder. 

They’d been ringing softly all morning, beckoning our ears to delight in their harmony. 

Yet, we’d not heard them.

Until we drew our ears toward the beautiful melody, we’d missed out on a harmonious blessing.  From this simple, yet glorious sound, we were changed.  The worries withered.  Peace tenderly danced into our lives as we changed the posture of our hearts. 

Eucharisteo is charis and grace.  We embraced eucharisteo with intentional gratefulness and responses of thanksgiving.  The blessings surround us.  

Instruments of praise are awaiting our invitation in this concert of life. 

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me, and whoever orders his conduct, I will show him the salvation of God. (Psalm 50:23)

On Mondays, those who are seeking to walk in gratitude, share multitudes of blessings.  We’ve accepted a challenge.  A dare to live fully right where we are.  I dare you to do the same (and feel free to share your multitudes of gratitude here with us).

A few of my multitudes…

A husband who loves me much more than he’s ever loved himself

Thanksgiving dinners with friends and family

Christmas carols playing in the store

Money hidden in my car to provide a meal for a courageous, young girl 

Celebrating the Advent season

Time alone with my oldest son sharing deep thoughts

Divine appointment in a Guatemalan airport

Positive reports from doctor

A grandchild enjoying cowboy movies with his GPaw

The patient instruction of an art teacher

Toasty jeans straight from the dryer

Enjoying warm apple cider and a day shopping with my little man


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12 thoughts on “Listen closely for Eucharisteo”

  1. Cristal thank you for sharing this. I needed to read this. I just found out that a friend passed away a few days ago. I am so stunned and floored and saddened. It is hard to wrap my head around how such a vibrant young man could no longer be on this planet. Yet in reading your post I am encouraged to be so intentionally grateful for the life he lived. For the way he loved his wife. For the way he brought energy and infectious laughter wherever he went. I am so very grateful to have known him and to be able to call him friend. God bless you Cristal for this beautiful post.

    1. Kerry-Ann, I am so sorry for the death of your friend. The pain of loss is sharp and deep. I hope you’ll be able to find ways to be thankful for the life he lived. It sounds like he left sweet memories.

  2. “Instruments of praise are awaiting us in this concert of life.”
    This struck me. Recently I wrote about how instrumental music led me more to Mary’s heart and the birth of Christ more than any “Christmas” song this season. The joy and tenderness of the violins took me by surprise.
    I came over here today from Dawn’s blog. Such warmth here. I am so glad to stop by.

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