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The practice of thanks living

When my children were quite young, I began taking to heart the need to train them.

Discipling our children.

For instance, when they were still of preschool age, I prepared them for a dentist appointment I had scheduled for myself and knew would be lengthy.  Rather than finding a sitter, I took the opportunity to train my children to behave quietly and respectfully in a dentist’s office.

For several weeks before the appointment, we practiced sitting quietly with books and a few quiet toys (and not touching or agitating one’s brother!).  This all took place in our living room in preparation for the big day at the dentist’s office.  There were no bribes.  It was a simple discipling opportunity for my children to learn patience, kindness, selflessness and obedience.

The appointed day finally arrived.  Our dentist wasn’t initially filled with the same confident expectancy my boys and I shared.  However, within minutes, he was impressed.  And, at the end of a long morning with two peaceful children, he was a firm believer in child training.  As was this mom.

Throughout the years, however, I have become slack in intentional discipleship.  In fact, this weekend I realized my children need to be trained even in thanks living.

It doesn’t come natural for my boys to give thanks in all things nor to think on things worthy of praise.  The eucharisteo doesn’t flow from their tongues.

They understand the Scriptures drawing us into thanks living. 

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me, and whoever orders his conduct, I will show him the salvation of God. (Psalm 50:23)

Yet, the practice of giving thanks has been neglected.

Yesterday, my youngest son and I determined to find simple ways to keep our minds on that which invites us into attitudes of praise by relying on our senses.  Sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feels.

On Mondays, those who are seeking to walk in gratitude, share multitudes of blessings.  We’ve accepted a challenge.

A dare to live fully right where we are.

Today, my multitudes of blessings include a simple touch of our senses inviting us to enjoy our God this weekend as we spent time with friends at their home in the country.

The taste of toasted, gooey marshmallows…

The sight and smell of velvety baby delight…

The sound and feel of crackling campfire warmth…

Might you also be encouraged to accept an invitation allowing your senses to draw you into a practice of thanks living.

For more inspiration on living life fully and with the practice of thanks living:

3 thoughts on “The practice of thanks living”

  1. This post is SO good. I never even thought of practicing being quiet for a long wait. I don’t have any small children anymore, but I could use the practice myself sometimes.

    Thanks, Cristal,
    I’m traveling with you to Bethlehem,

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