We threw (borrowed) convictions out the window last night

On our way to the mall to make Christmas returns, I overheard a conversation between my boys in the backseat.

“I want to go to Barnes and Noble.”

“No, Camden.  They don’t celebrate Christmas.  I’m boycotting that store.”

Camden quickly and firmly settled the matter.

“Caleb, Christmas is over.”

{Lest you were holding on to Christmas convictions and had not yet received the Christmas is Over memo from a teenager, be ye now free to throw them out the window.}


My immediate desire was to preach to my oldest son about values and morals.  About standing firm in beliefs.

Then I realized the truth of what he revealed.  My flimsy attempts at taking a solid stance were exposed in this superficial heart of mine. 

There was a time when it was suggested Christians boycott Wal-Mart.

{I can’t remember the reason.  Maybe the boycott call is still in effect. Who knows.}

I do recall pondering my choice.  To blacklist Wal-Mart meant abandoning our family’s budget since it was the one store I could purchase what we needed with the money we received each payday.  Nevertheless, under the influence of peer pressure, I did boycott.

And, we did go broke.

The without-enough-food kind of broke.

My mistake: I’d neglected asking God about ousting Wal-Mart.

This is when I realized the boycott was not my conviction.  It was not a call to me from Christ but, rather, a plea from well-meaning people.  And, for some, it very well could have been their own prompting from God.  {And if you’re still boycotting Wal-Mart as a mission from God, you go girl.  Or boy.}

I returned the boycott to its rightful owners.  I chose not to borrow that conviction.

And, there was freedom in pushing the blue buggy into the land of Rollbacks and Smilies.  {Having enough food was a perk, too.}

Last night, my teenager chose to give back the convictions he’d casually accepted.

I evaluated my life, as well.  Together, we threw our borrowed convictions out the window.

5 thoughts on “We threw (borrowed) convictions out the window last night”

  1. Dear Cristal,

    I smiled when I read your post. I investigated the Wal-Mart boycott and they are doing what is done in retail–going cheap with labor from the third world. I really don’t know what their choices are, but here is what Wal-Mart does in my experience:

    I think we all (corporations and individuals alike) make good and not-so-good choices every day. This is a case in point.

    Love your spirit,

    1. Thank you so much for that information, Dawn! So, I’m not going to be banned from the Christian club after all!! I am so thankful you had a firsthand experience of goodness with Wal Mart and wrote of it for the world to read.

  2. Cristal, I love this info by you and the others here! God is indeed moving in hearts… may our eyes be truly opened to see all that he does and may we be s.l.o.w. to judge those around us. Maybe just bless and leave the judging to God 🙂

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