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Stablish, strengthen and settle

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:  Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing… Continue reading Stablish, strengthen and settle

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I abandoned my schedule {to follow my heart}

Mommy will you read me a story? I’m ready for bed.  I glance at the clock. I quickly calculate the number of hours I’ll be allowed to sleep before arising early the next morning.  {Quack.  Quack.  Quack.} There’s not enough time.  And I’m a stickler for schedules. Please.  Will you read to me? I explain… Continue reading I abandoned my schedule {to follow my heart}

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What winners need to lose

It’s 4:30am when my alarm clock rings.  Well, not really rings.  It quacks.  I don’t have my own alarm clock.  I use my teenager’s iPod.  And he set the alarm to quack.  Four thirty in the morning.  Quack.  Quack.  Quack. I’m used to it now.  And it reminds me to wake him up at the… Continue reading What winners need to lose

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A hard times bible

I shuffle through the living room headed to my mug of hot tea waiting in the kitchen.  My little man is trailing me. He notices the Book on the table. Still there from last night. That bible’s been through hard times, mom. Weighted words gliding lightly from an innocent tongue.  Truth falling heavy on a drowsy heart. His father’s bible. A bible… Continue reading A hard times bible

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Intentional treasures

I rush through another day. Time quickly travels as I hurry through busyness. I am reminded. But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them. (Luke 2:19) The Shepherds had seen the Messiah.  They shared the news.  Everyone was amazed. But Mary. But Mary was treasuring up.  But Mary… Continue reading Intentional treasures


Grain Free Chocolate Chip Scones (or puffy cookies)

By combining a couple of recipes, along with personal preferences, our family now has a favorite, healthy dessert breakfast.   I make them large so they resemble scones.  However, to make enough to share with friends, I drop them by a spoonful and make smaller scones (which then come out looking like puffy cookies). 2 cups almond… Continue reading Grain Free Chocolate Chip Scones (or puffy cookies)


The effort to be still

I read the box of my herbal tea today while I wait for it to brew. I pause and reflect at this truth. To be still sometimes requires great effort. Even in prayer.  I labor to be still.  To be quiet. There is noise. At this moment. My little guy is shouting singing Homeschool Blues… Continue reading The effort to be still

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Looking past the ugly to taste the delightful

The weather today was rainy.  Gray skies.  Dreary. The perfect day for warm and gooey homemade cookies.  I’m attempting to create a recipe.  A healthy-sugar, grain-free, dairy-free delight.  And I have a helper. A taste tester of sorts. We are on our second attempt. The cookies aren’t turning out lovely. But my taste tester said… Continue reading Looking past the ugly to taste the delightful

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One thousand gifts in 2012: I Dare You

Many of us have made New Years Resolutions.   A wish to create valuable habits. Ann Voskamp writes, We never cease working on the the habit of good food, good exercise, good time management. Why ever lessen the habit of our grateful thanks to a good God? Ann has challenged us to count just three gifts a day… Continue reading One thousand gifts in 2012: I Dare You

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The weathered hands of motherhood

A handful of women convene in a small room.  Hearts exposed.  Raw and tender.  Burdened for children and grandchildren. My tear-filled eyes carefully scan the room.  I’m the youngest. I wonder aloud does this, this mothering thing, ever get any easier? A gentle, yet weathered response.  No. Heads crowned with gray and faces marked with… Continue reading The weathered hands of motherhood