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A hard times bible

I shuffle through the living room headed to my mug of hot tea waiting in the kitchen.  My little man is trailing me.

He notices the Book on the table.

Still there from last night.


That bible’s been through hard times, mom.

Weighted words gliding lightly from an innocent tongue.  Truth falling heavy on a drowsy heart.

His father’s bible.


A bible falling apart.  The mainstay of one who’s solid as a rock.


Late at night.

My husband awake.

Yet not alone.

Patiently discipling our youngest son as they traverse rocky terrain.


Just look at it, mommy. 

I see it.

Oh my child.

If you only knew.

My eyes gaze just past the bible of hard times.

A smaller Book rests comfortably in the shadow of the seasoned one.


Caleb’s bible.

A veteran guiding the vulnerable.

The ripened and prepared fertilizing the budding bloom.

Delicate and precious moments spent tenderly with one another.

Refusing to tiptoe even through battlegrounds.

My little man will one day have a bible like his father’s.


The father with his son.

Living life fully.

With hard times bibles in hand.

14 thoughts on “A hard times bible”

  1. Dear Cristal,

    This brought tears to my eyes and I am still hardly breathing. The most important part of your story is that the son commented on his father’s Bible. So many times children are impacted mightily by something they simply notice. Seeing that Bible there spoke volumes to him about what was important in his house, what was important to THE man in his life, his father, and the central place that Book had in the lives of the people he loves. No one was speaking or lecturing, yet, there it was, shouting to him in the quietness of the morning.

    Now I am sobbing as I stand on Holy Ground right here,

    1. Now you have me crying, Dawn. And you hit the nail on the head, my husband is THE man in Caleb’s life. They are attached like velcro. I am so thankful THE man is following THE ONE as Caleb follows.

      Blessings to you today, my friend,

      1. I read a statistic from Child Evangelism Fellowship that said 90% of boys follow Christ if their fathers follow Christ, but it is 50-50 if the mother is the only example. That is the statistic on boys. It doesn’t seem to make such a difference for girls, but boys seem to need men to lead them. The odds are in Caleb’s favor!

        My two sons now father children and I emphasize to them the BIG role they have in the spiritual development of their families. Yes, I want them to provide physically, mentally and with their presence, but the spiritual is a sacred trust they must not ignore. I am a blessed mother and grandmother to see that they are doing what they were called to do (and I think it all goes back to their father, my dear husband). Your goal to focus on being a Godly wife this year is a great one!

        From one mother of sons to another,

    2. Your statistics below are very saddening Dawn 😦
      Me & my 4 children were deserted by their Dad 14 years ago (January 1998) and he fled Australia to live in the US, never to make contact or return, no goodbye!
      I raised my children alone, continued to raise them in MY Christian home, with Christian values. They all had such a great love for God but the hurt and pain of their father’s actions was deep. My girls still attend church but my sons have walked away 😦
      It saddens me greatly but I will continue to pray because the Bible says: “Train them up… and they won’t depart”… It doesn’t say what happens in between but I pray I have given enough grounding and their once devotion to Him will be there inside, even if only a quiet voice coaxing them back…

      1. Liz – your story broke my heart. I am very sorry. I was reminded of the “adult children” of the bible, though, and thought about their moms. We do hear about the women of the bible. And we surely must believe their influence was worthy. We know we cannot limit our God to only bringing victory to the children of a two-parent home. And we also know God sees your mothering heart and willing spirit. Trust HIM with your children because He’s the only One fully capable. (That’s what I’m having to learn to do).

        Much love,

  2. Good morning Cristal,
    Thank you for sharing this morning. I am not a crier at all, but am fighting hard to fend off tears. The absolute beauty in the example of a faithful father is the desire of my heart for my own boys. It is both the promise I cling to and the ongoing prayer of my heart…
    Blessings to you and your precious family,

    1. Shannon, I pray for my husband regularly (I wish I could say “daily”). I have to remember, however, my view of a “dad” is different so often from God’s view. My timing and plans are also not His. I regret not noticing sooner the faithfulness of my husband’s fatherhood. I pray to see him through the eyes of Christ.


  3. ~This brought tears to my eyes and I am still hardly breathing. . .
    I had to copy and paste Dawn’s words because they are exactly mine!!!!
    I especially loved the hope and assurance you shared with~ My little man will one day have a Bible like his father’s.

    My grandchildren do not have an earthly Father but they have already learned that they have a Heavenly Father and that He is all theirs and big enough to share with whosoever also needs One.

    What a wonderful heritage to walk in a Godly Father’s footsteps! Your children are doubly blessed!

  4. This is a beautiful post Cristal!
    I was intears as I read it. Tears of sadness that my children never had the strong leadership & guidance of a father in their walk with God. And tears because it’s a beautful story.
    You write so beautifully. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I am so blessed to have met you on here. In response to your comment about continuing to blog on WordPress and keeping up my gratitudes, last night after writing and publishing my post, I began a new post (2 in a week on WordPress is a record for me). I plan to finish it tonight 🙂
    Thank you for your encouragement and I will pray for you and your child who needs prayer (am I able to have a name? If not that’s fine beacuse God knows)
    From one heavy hearted but God trusting Mum to another… bless you 🙂

    1. Dear Liz,

      You are in my frequent thoughts and prayers. You truly keep coming to my mind, as does your daughter. I cannot wait to read what you posted. I am so thankful you are finding God in trials because it encourages the rest of us to keep pressing on as we see a sister living fully. I appreciate your prayers for my family and Caleb, as well.

      Blessings to you,

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