I abandoned my schedule {to follow my heart}

Mommy will you read me a story?

I’m ready for bed.  I glance at the clock.


I quickly calculate the number of hours I’ll be allowed to sleep before arising early the next morning.  {Quack.  Quack.  Quack.}

There’s not enough time.  And I’m a stickler for schedules.

Please.  Will you read to me?

I explain it’s past bedtime.  {Schedules, people.}

Your daddy said he’ll read to you tonight.  Okay?

A disappointed look.  A tender face slowly bows to the ground.

But Daddy doesn’t do the voices.

I quietly receive the compliment.


One of my most cherished moments of motherhood is reading to my boys.  And I delight in telling stories.

Doing the voices.

The clock says there’s not enough time.  Not enough hours left between now and 4:30am to receive sufficient sleep.

My heart says there’s, indeed, not enough time.

Not enough moments to savor bedtime stories with a boy beckoning to share life with his mommy.


I follow my heart.  Not the clock.  Abandon the schedule.

Sure.  Grab our book and snuggle closely.

And within minutes, soft snores of a satisfied son serenaded my soul.

About Cristal

Living life fully as the wife of one, a mother of two and follower of The One.
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8 Responses to I abandoned my schedule {to follow my heart}

  1. Dave says:

    Blessed reminder to all parents to “make time” for what is truly important.

    • Cristal says:

      You are certainly a good example for the rest of us as we watch you “make time” for your family even amidst your pastoring a flock. Thank you for raising the bar in parenthood.

  2. dschondog says:


    How do you do this EVERY time? I have this well of tears in my eyes that just seem to spill here at Refusing to Tiptoe.. I can hear the pleading and I can feel the stress build in you as you look at the clock. THEN Jesus steps in! Last year was The Year of Now for me and I learned to interrupt my schedule. Time is BIG for me so it was tough, but, oh, what rewards I reaped. I wish I would have done it more when my sons were young.

    Bless you, Dear Cristal. You take me back 25 years, but you are making much better decisions than I did,

    • Cristal says:

      I love that, Dawn. The year of NOW. God’s been speaking clearly to me about living in the MOMENT. I am thankful to be learning this now. But, I do wish I’d learned it sooner.

  3. Dicky says:

    I nominated you for the 7×7 award. You can find out more here. http://dickyto.com/2012/01/25/7×7-award/

  4. Danelle says:

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. Exactly. I have two sons too. Time seems to slip away. I am a “schedule” girl. I struggle to figure out when to write. I click over here and it is balm to my soul.
    And. . I love your bedding! Where did you get that pattern? Just beautiful!

    • Cristal says:

      Thank you, Danelle. The bedding is an old Pottery Barn set. I am also a schedule girl. As helpful as schedules can be, they are often a hindrance in my relationships with others. I need a healthy balance. Moderation! 🙂

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