Sharing Sunday: Agents of the Unimaginable

This morning, my pastor (who recently suggested we wear shabby clothes to church) shared a sermon from the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. He challenged us to walk in faith, mentioning those who do become agents of the unimaginable.  Jesus’ disciples had to, by faith, take action toward obeying Jesus’ command so the… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Agents of the Unimaginable


Even lizards can’t move me today {my sight is set high}

I knew it was coming. Because it’s Friday. Caleb strode boldly from his room into the kitchen with a command under the guise of a suggestion. I think Camden should have to sweep the front porch today since I just made his bed. Friday’s dreaded chore.  Sweeping the front porch means a possible encounter with lizards. … Continue reading Even lizards can’t move me today {my sight is set high}


Welcoming a resurrection {Preparing for Easter}

  There is a preparing in our hearts.  A time of anticipation. Awaiting a promise.  Looking for the refreshment. This season is upon us. Just before Easter. So much thought is given to preparing for Christmas.  Possibly it is selfish territory disguised as a religious venue.  Not lasting long after the twenty-fifth of December. A… Continue reading Welcoming a resurrection {Preparing for Easter}

Thanks Living

Winter fruit {changing the WAY I see}

Seasons in a lifetime. The spring of growth and refreshment. The summer’s enjoyment of warmth. The autumn change.  And the winter’s stillness. Frosty.  Cold.  And often bitter. Eyes absorbing the bleak.  The chill biting my flesh.  Hearing the sharp cracking of ice. A numbing from exposure to the frigid. The dead of winter. I want to… Continue reading Winter fruit {changing the WAY I see}


Sharing Sunday: Relationship or Rituals

Many people take notes during sermons.  That’s me.  I have notes from our Pastor’s sermons in binders from years ago.  Caleb, however, draws.  On occasion, I will be sharing our Sunday’s sermons here. Because isn’t living life fully accompanied by being challenged with the Word. And attempting to live with purpose is much easier when… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Relationship or Rituals


B-eing Paleofabulous: Cocoa Amore {I’m in love}

Please allow me to introduce you to a sweet (as in Cocoa Amore, sweet!) friend, Brittany. She published a blog this week, B-eing Paleofabulous, and I’m thrilled! Brittany will inspire you to eat healthy. And if you know anything about me, you are aware I believe Refusing to Tiptoe and living life with purpose go together with living… Continue reading B-eing Paleofabulous: Cocoa Amore {I’m in love}


a Lighthouse for the sojourner

More often than not, I seem to be aimless.  Maybe I had a plan.  Maybe I impulsively took a step. Either way, as I lay my head on the pillow, I wonder if I was diligent or distracted this day. Guilt drowns me when I reflect on the moments lost to idle time. My ship… Continue reading a Lighthouse for the sojourner

Faith, Family

Chipping away to find the beauty within

When meeting with the Navy SEALs last week, I was enlightened in many ways (of which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future). Each of the men separately confided in my son a common piece of advice to use during SEAL training. One shared thread of truth woven through this fabric of special… Continue reading Chipping away to find the beauty within

Faith, Family, Thanks Living

When the small things turn big

Sitting in a room in Coronado, California, I embrace thanks living. Less than three months ago, I followed God’s leading into Guatemala.  Amongst the huge wonders He provided for me, there was an encounter.  Not a chance nor a coincidence.  Certainly not luck. A  brief visit with a man in the Guatemalan airport.  Just a… Continue reading When the small things turn big


When I was once stripped naked

There was a time I experienced what I fondly call a season of stripping. Being stripped of my counterfeit supremacy in twelve months.  Left naked.  Exposed.  And finally realizing the need to be clothed. It began with my father’s sudden death.  At the scene of his motorcycle wreck, I took authority.  Demanding I enter the ambulance. … Continue reading When I was once stripped naked