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Finding joy in finding joy

I’m curious this morning.

My children accepted January’s joy dare.  Naming three gifts from God a day.  Writing them in a notebook. 

Intentional thanks living.

I wonder what they’ve captured.


I notice Caleb’s joy journal on the table. 


Thirty one days of January completed.

And I am overwhelmed at the depth of his joys.

A twelve-year-old giving thanks.


Caleb lost his grandfather suddenly and tragically twenty months ago. 

And he writes of joy.

The time I got to spend with Grandpa.

Pictures of him for me to remember him by.

And to draw.


I find this picture framed in Caleb’s bedroom.

He sketched his grandfather from a photo.

And on each side of Grandpa a treasure. 

A special duck because Grandpa knew how much his lil’ man loved ducks. 

And grandpas give simple yet deeply meaningful gifts.


And another remembrance of valuable time spent with Grandpa. 

When Zorro costs too much on eBay for a grandson to afford, a grandpa makes time to create, with great detail, a Zorro for that boy. 

Because grandpas give from the heart.


And even though he’s gone, Grandpa is still giving.


Today I have been given joy by treasuring Caleb’s joys.

13 thoughts on “Finding joy in finding joy”

    1. Yes, Dawn, they took the dare. With a little incentive (a.k.a. “bribe”). But, I figured since Ann was offering a camera, I could offer some “encouragement” as well!

  1. And even though he’s gone, Grandpa is still giving….I love this and find it so true!

    my kids never met their grandpa yet they know him so well and imitate the things they know are him… how he eats asparagus, a plate full of peas, how they cool off a horse after they have ridden,how they make something out of wood… it was our gratitude that passed this memory gift on to them and I see your children doing the same thing… their children will know their great grandpa too.
    The Lord bless you as you spend this time training up your kids in the way they should go 🙂

    1. Susan — I love the way you shared “grandpa” with your children by passing on the memories in such tangible ways. Thank you for the reminder that even my grandchildren can know Grandpa.


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