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When the small things turn big

Sitting in a room in Coronado, California, I embrace thanks living.

Less than three months ago, I followed God’s leading into Guatemala.  Amongst the huge wonders He provided for me, there was an encounter.  Not a chance nor a coincidence.  Certainly not luck.

A  brief visit with a man in the Guatemalan airport.  Just a small thing.

This man, a chaplain for the Navy, I’d meet again.  Three days ago.


But this time, my entire family would meet him.

A small thing blossoming.


And he’d be the one used by God to bring a dream to life for my oldest son.

A meeting with the Navy SEALs for this child of mine.


A boy who has had a taste for the military since an early age.

A boy who once read a book about a particular group of men called SEALs.

And the boy hasn’t stopped reading about these men.


I arise on the Naval Base our first morning praying to God that He’ll give my son direction.  Asking Him to stop Camden if this isn’t the path He’s ordained.

Then,  I walk outside and receive something beautiful.

A sunrise over Mexico and Pacific blue waters.

A small thing blooming huge over mountains.


I am reminded God is sovereign.

The next morning I rise early with Camden to jog along the Pacific surf at sunrise.


And I pray again.  Lord, please, direct his steps.

I notice my son becoming a young man.

A dream in his heart.  Once a fragile seed now budding strong.


Just a small thing turning big.

9 thoughts on “When the small things turn big”

  1. What a time of transition for you and your family. Wow. I am praying with you for direction for your son. And for God to daily assure you of how your parenting has eternal value. God bless you Cristal
    Kerry Ann

  2. You made my eyes tear up again! I love the sunrise and the jog and the way that you see the once seed becoming the fruit He has always been planned and ordained to be.
    Thank you Cristal. Your words are beautiful and so are the pictures. Praying my boys will grow up strong and follow their dreams. . Jeremiah 29:11.

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