a Lighthouse for the sojourner

ocean by oistitis via flickr

More often than not, I seem to be aimless.  Maybe I had a plan.  Maybe I impulsively took a step.

Either way, as I lay my head on the pillow, I wonder if I was diligent or distracted this day.

Guilt drowns me when I reflect on the moments lost to idle time.

My ship too frequently appears off course as I travel this life.

crash by Kim Van Horn via flickr

And then I wonder why my days come crashing down.

Looking for answers, I’m always pointed back to the Beacon of Light.

Lighthouse by Helen K via flickr

There I find the Truth.

My wanderings are given purpose.

Clarity shines through the fog of chaos and order is established.

Lighthouse by Les DeFoor via flickr

Why has God left us on earth?  Is it simply to be saved and sanctified?  No.  It is to be at work in service to Him. (Oswald Chambers)

Lighthouse from the Rocks by versageek via Flickr

As I sojourn this life, I long to keep my eyes on the Light.

Staying the course.

Taking the path of purpose.

Lighthouse River by via flickr

{And the lighthouses.  I was thinking of my Maw Maw, who treasures lighthouses.  And who loves my family unconditionally. Oh, and Maw Maw.  She also Refuses to Tiptoe.}

3 thoughts on “a Lighthouse for the sojourner”

  1. I love your photos. So peaceful! Our family travels an hour north to Mackinaw City, where there are several nearby lighthouses, every summer. We go for a weekend; we go for an afternoon. We love being near the water, and the lighthouses are so beautiful.

    Wonderful blog post!

    1. My grandmother had a beach cabin on the Gulf coast until Hurricane Ike destroyed it (and some of her lighthouse collection). There is something so fascinating about lighthouses. My boys will scream, “Look, a lighthouse!”

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