Welcoming a resurrection {Preparing for Easter}

lily by Dalboz17 via flicr easter lily & water droplet by foxrosser via Flickr

There is a preparing in our hearts.  A time of anticipation.

Awaiting a promise.  Looking for the refreshment.

This season is upon us.

Just before Easter.

lily petal by Mary via flickr

So much thought is given to preparing for Christmas.  Possibly it is selfish territory disguised as a religious venue.  Not lasting long after the twenty-fifth of December.

A superficial stirring in our shallow hearts driving us to masquerade a façade of compassion and generosity.

Are hearts still swirling with surrender and mercy?  Or did the granules of grace settle to the bottom?

white lily by Photofinish 2009 via flickr

A season of preparation is upon us.  An invitation to introspection.  Delving into the deep.

A time of self-denial is explored.  A fasting out of religious obligation?

Or a sacrifice for a Savior?

Easter Lily by alternatePhotography via Flickr

This Easter we anticipate and prepare.  We celebrate.

There is devotion.  To something.  To Someone, hopefully.

Our hearts long for a filling.  A fresh awakening.

The stone is rolled away.

And we welcome a resurrection.

17 thoughts on “Welcoming a resurrection {Preparing for Easter}”

  1. Cristal, you have no idea how amazing those flowers smell… the pictures must have been so real for my heart, with your message that I actually had to stop and be astonished that I truly, really and absolutely smell them. Thank you for posting such beauty! I am going to sleep with this close to my heart…

    1. Thank you for such kind words, Susan. You are right, I haven’t had the privilege of smelling these gorgeous flowers. I am thankful they brought you a sweetness, though!

      1. Hi Cristal. I am doing well. Gratitude bring happiness even in the hard stuff 🙂
        Bec has just begun studying nursing at University and has a new job (both such blessings). She is still struggling but has made some positive moves – baby steps. Eating more but still losing weight (unfortunately a problem when food intake increases initially).
        I am so blessed to have sisters in God praying on the other side of the world! God bless you Cristal, I am blessed to have connected with you. xo

        1. We will pray Bec through these baby steps and initial stages, Liz. And look forward, by faith, to her freedom. Our God is a healing God.

          And being grateful for God’s presence even in the hard stuff will restore and replenish your joy to overflowing, my sister.

          So thankful to be able to pray with you,

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