Losing 12 inches in 30 minutes (or longer depending on your height)


Mom, why would anyone want to be shorter?

This was Caleb’s question when he noticed an advertisement. 

Lose 12 inches in 30 minutes.

Containing a smile, I explained the business was claiming to help people lose weight not height.

wheat field by the aucitron

Nevertheless, the thought was planted in my mind.

The possibility of losing height in only thirty minutes.

Not the stature you’re imagining.

Another type of elevation.  One that’s self-produced.  And unrelated to the inches on my measuring rod. 

clouds by the aucitron via flickr

This loftiness is grown heartily by watering the soil of pride. 

It peaks as I fertilize my inner sense of worth and right to self.

My prominence crests steadily with the absorption of a vainglorious rainfall.

A gluttonous self-love nourishes this haughtiness of mine.

wheat field 2 by the aucitron

It seems I’m due for a meeting with the Gardener.

A time for trimming and pruning. 

Maybe about twelve inches off the top. 

It always seems to take more than thirty minutes, though.

And it usually hurts.

Jesus Christ is always unyielding to my claim to my right to myself. The one essential element in all our Lord’s teaching about discipleship is abandon, no calculation, no trace of self-interest. (Disciples Indeed by Oswald Chambers)

18 thoughts on “Losing 12 inches in 30 minutes (or longer depending on your height)”

    1. Oswald Chambers is definitely one of my favorites, as well, Brooke. And I agree, pride can get pretty heavy. But, oh the freedom of having it removed!

    1. I often wonder if the main reasons I even have children is so that God can more easily speak to me! Even when disciplining them, I often sense God nudging me with a “You, too” and a prompting to examine my own life.

        1. Thank you for visiting, Liz. And you truly are blessing and serving God’s women as I am enlightened each day I read your insightful words on your blog. May God continually pour His truth through you to us.

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