With Google in my eyes, can I see God?

While browsing an enlightening blog, Connecting Dots to God, I learned of a plan from Google to create something quite interesting. 

Have you heard about Project Glass



I find this amazing. 

Yet, I’m also troubled. 

I am sure most of you are remarkably disciplined and are not tempted by technology.

However, I am. 

In fact, I had to kiss my personal Facebook profile goodbye a couple of years ago.  I simply wasn’t disciplined enough to forsake the bread of idleness.  In addition, I found myself in places unedifying.  Wandering others’ pages and poking my nose in their worldly business. 

No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in the concerns of civilian life; he seeks to please the recruiter.  (2 Timothy 2:4)

And, as I mentioned Monday, I am burdened about wasting valuable moments of life in ventures and activities God never desired I touch with my attention, time or talents.  In my last moments of life, if given an opportunity to recount my days, I hope to have lived fully for Christ.

Seems to always go back to the posture of my heart.

I am certainly not anti-technology.  I can see the many benefits. 

However, with advancements such as Project Glass, I must share my concern.

With Google in our eyes, will we still see God?

Will we notice the opportunities set before us to help others?

Will we miss invitations to witness His majesty?

Will our vision still be focused on His mission?

Will the fight to keep my heart aligned with God’s purpose for me be even greater?

Maybe this pair of glasses would be a better fit for me.

What are your thoughts? 

I’d be interested to find out how you manage technology and are disciplined enough to stay focused.    As blogging friend Chrystal suggested, we need to keep the “main thing the main thing.” 

Will we be distracted by advancements in technology?  Or will we be assisted by them?

I’m certainly sensing there’s a connection between our vision and the condition of our hearts. 

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26 thoughts on “With Google in my eyes, can I see God?”

  1. Cristal, of course I am a facebooker, but used it to start out with mainly to connect with our daughter. As was God’s plan I now use it to connect my blog posts along with other Biblical posts. I don’t have time to get into other’s lives so I don’t. Just encourage. Don’t know what Google Vision is? Do I want to?

    1. I definitely see FB as a ministry tool for so many people in so many ways. And I am thankful there are those, like you, who take full advantage of it! Google’s Project Glass is actually pretty cool – you can click on each of the videos in my most to “see” what I’m talking about.

  2. Very well said. I have Facebook account and socialize with friends. Sometimes I find myself losing my focus on the things I should have spent more of my time with. Thank you for this reminder.

    1. You are not alone, Dicky. What’s wonderful, though, is to see the purpose for which God’s called you and to be able to balance life in such a way He is still your focus. You are always an encouragement!

  3. Cristal, your blog is very thought provoking…..the Google thing is interesting but the Get service glasses would be better. I’m thinking that God already gave us eyes like, this to some degree, but most times we refuse to take notice and fail to react to people and situations that God knows that we could help. I try to look at people with compassion but many times I just get focused on my life and dont fully see their need. I wonder if we would REALLY treat people differently if we DID know their real needs. Thanks for writing.

    1. I agree, Tana. We have the Get Service glasses (in the 2nd video) available at all times. Unfortunately, I choose not to wear them unless it’s convenient (just being honest). My prayer is that I’ll be in tune with God’s vision at all times. And, you know, with those Get Service glasses, maybe the Project Glass spectacles wouldn’t even interfere!

  4. Hey Cristal, interesting you mentioned this. Launched my fan page about two weeks ago. I now have an intern who will stick to nothing but business while running all of my social media…I love to connect with people and will use it as a business tool…but the whole social thing- for now I’m just not there, and have no real desire to go there. Maybe God wiill show me something different in the future. I must keep my focus. Great post, thank you for sharing. Loved the video about service.

    1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here, Liz. I also created a fan page because I had many friends who do use Facebook (and use it well). Like you, though, I don’t need to dabble in the social thing. Not that I don’t want to — but I don’t need to!

  5. You ask an important question when considering technology: “With google in our eyes will we see God?” With the television on all evening, will I see God? With the radio on every time I drive, will I hear God? I can also distract myself without the help of media: With my mind full of thoughts about…me…will I seek God? I guess I’d say that If our lives are an expression of God’s Spirit within us, then technology will simply be another tool toward His ends. If our lives are all about ourselves, then technology will heighten our self focus. I love the “Needs Service” video! And thanks for the mention of and link to my blog:) Great post.

    1. Wonderful insight, Judy! I wholeheartedly agree. As I replied to a previous comment, if I had the vision of God (which I should) as in the 2nd video, then any other spectacles placed over my eyes wouldn’t interfere. Again, for me, it always goes back to the condition of my heart. And, as I mentioned on your blog, I know my limits (my temptations). So, these really cool glasses would definitely be a no-no for me!

  6. That is a very thought provoking question…and I have to say techonology can be good when it is used properly. I think we take it to far and use it for things which doesn’t bring glory to God. Many people I know personally spend way to much time on the net that their families suffere from it, and they themselves suffer. When I first started out with blogging five years ago I was constantly on it and then the Lord said something to me that shocked me “He told me not to spend no more time on it then necessary. I thougth to myself how can that be I post devotions do my radio show and read others blogs and HE said even in doing that can be a not so good thing. I had to discipline myself from Facebook Twitter and Radio I don’t listen to everyone of my friends radio shows on the internet I don’t stay on Fb like I use to..Now in the morning my day is getting that devotion out check on just a few blogs and then I am gone…rest of the time I am doing Ministry…What I did not see was that it was a hinderance for my growth..It’s it amazing how we can little something like technlogly hinder us when it is not used properly…

    1. Desiray, you brought to mind an incident about a young lady who’s child died from neglect while she spent her time on the computer. Of course, this is extreme. But, I don’t want the computer (or anything not bringing Glory to God) to steal time from my husband or children nor from the people He’s put in my path. And, like you, I have felt the sense that even blogging for God can hinder my growth once I leave the parameters He has set for me. Thank you, Desiray, for your ministry and for sharing your heart here with us.

  7. The only thing God wants us to be busy at is seeking His presence. Then He makes best use of our time and talents. This is hard to accept becuase we always want to do the driving. He should be our designated driver at all times.

    1. It’s like you’ve been spying on me, Vince! I struggle with wanting control (in the drivers seat) when I know it’s better to be the passenger. You made an excellent point: God makes best use of our time and talents when we are busy for Him. Thank you for offering to us your insight!

  8. A friend of mine shared a link to the “Project Glass” video with me a little over a week ago. “Will we be distracted by advancements in technology? Or will we be assisted by them?” Very interesting post, and thought provoking question. I would like to think that, ultimately I would be assisted rather than distracted by the advancements in technology. However, I must admit that initially I could possibly get caught up because of the novelty of some of the newer technology. Also, these advancements could serve as extraordinary tools for advancing the gospel! I would agree, that whether or not this be the case depends entirely upon “the condition of the heart.” God bless you! Great post!


    1. Thank you, as always, for your valuable input, Paulette. I also get caught up in the novelty of new technology. Thankfully, we just don’t buy much of it (which keeps me from being tempted!). 😉

  9. I simply have to ask myself if there is “eternal value” in the technology or time that it consumes. If the answer is no, I must avoid it. I don’t need more “stumbling blocks” to hinder my relationship with Christ.

    1. I am going to have to remember that, Scott (probably write it down and post it somewhere where I’ll see it daily). Because the “time it consumes” is where I am found having stumbled time and again. I believe I can find many excuses to use certain devices or engage in social media, but I like your gauge…does it have “eternal value.” I am certainly thankful you took time to share your wisdom with us this morning!

  10. Wow, this was a great post. This is my first time reading your blog. I love technology but try really hard to keep it balanced. I do like Facebook but try to limit my time. I don’t have a smartphone or tablet. I am sure I will give in on the tablet very soon but need to ensure it doesn’t replace already limited quality time with my family. Your first video, Google Glasses, was neat and scary at the same time. Will people even have to think in the future? A little convenience is nice, but wow, that is over the top in some ways. Your second video said it all. Reminds me to slow down and focus on others. Thanks for your post/blog. I look forward to reading more. Perhaps from my future tablet purchase 🙂

    1. I am glad you stopped by! Your comment is thoroughly appreciated. And, I agree. My problem was not Facebook; it was my lack of discipline. Same with those Google glasses (or smartphone, tablet, etc). They are all quite interesting and fascinating. I just wonder how often I’d be distracted (even more so than now) from the mission God’s called me to embark. And, like you, I wonder if we’re being gradually moved into a more convenient state of mind where we have to think less and less. I know my children have to actually use their imagination far less than I did at their age. It is a pleasure meeting you! And I hope you’ll use that new tablet to check back often. 😉

  11. Hey, Cristal! First of all, thanks for the mention. 🙂 I go thru periods of time when I probably am too focused on things that are not of value for God’s glory (FB certainly can be one) but also periods where I’m technologically “out of touch” for a few days. i.e. it’s been 3 whole days since you published this! 🙂 This was a great post. I’ve seen that Get Service video a few times & it makes me cry each time because I wonder how many times I “don’t see.” Loving your viewpoint.

    1. I seem to often be on a roller coaster of focus, Chrystal. So, I can relate. I should watch the Get Service video more often to possibly keep a more steady journey of focus!

  12. Hi Cristal! This is excellent–and you’ve finally given me a more noble/spiritual excuse for being a technophobe! So thank you very much! I do not have much patience for learning new tricks, and the spendy new gadgets just don’t appeal to me, so this is a good thing, I’m thinking. However, I must agree with Paulette that God meant for even such as these to be used for His good purpose–and that it’s all about where are hearts and treasure truly lie. Enjoyed my visit today–God bless you abundantly.

    1. Technophobe — good way of putting it! 🙂 I, too, agree with Paulette. I find that the choices I make can be for God’s good if my heart is heeding His Word and commands. I am glad you stopped by! I have enjoyed reading your poetry on your blog!!

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