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The juicy, yet weighty, part of being delivered

Just before heading out the door for an evening church service, Caleb opens the pantry looking for a quick snack.  Mom!  Why do you have these here? I presume he’s questioning the location of my dumbbells.  Firmly planted in the … Continue reading

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Sharing Sunday: Intentional Illuminated Living

Complete darkness. Deep in a cave, the tour guide turns off every source of light.  I feel for my husband’s hand and grasp tightly.  Eyes wide open.  Yet nothing is seen. Everything recently familiar covered in a blanket of darkness.  The … Continue reading

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The four minutes that renovated my walk last year

You won’t regret focusing your attention on this video for just 260 seconds. In fact, your focus may change in 261 seconds. Mine did.  

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Sharing Sunday: What kind of tree are you? (hint: check out your fruit)

Our Pastor shared the Truth with us yesterday, as taught by Jesus and recorded in the twelfth chapter of John. I assure you: Unless a grain of  wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains by itself. But if it … Continue reading

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Chip on my shoulder (how much does yours weigh?)

Passing by a church, I notice their sign. A chip on the shoulder is a heavy weight to bear. One small chip.  Setting boldly and brashly. Ever so closely to the ear to whisper its grievances. Nursed and coddled.  With … Continue reading

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Temple Ruins (right here in Texas, y’all)

A few weeks ago, Caleb shared a news story over breakfast. Mom, did you know the Houston Astrodome is falling apart? I was unaware of the Astrodome’s demise. The once-great Astrodome, known for years as the Eighth Wonder of the … Continue reading

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Mammon and the evil eye…mwahahaha

Last week, my pastor posted on his blog a reminder to protect our eyes.  The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, … Continue reading

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My life as a souped-up town car

We were traveling last week when my boys noticed a town car in disguise.  With extra large tires and added bling, it was definitely catching some attention. Mom!  Check this out! A souped-up town car! I caught a quick glimpse.  … Continue reading

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Discovering painted skies in a colorless day

Husband’s out of town.  I’m holding down the fort. Camden’s running fever.  Tucking him in to bed, my weary mom cheek to his warm forehead, I pray for his comfort and healing. The setting sun and rolling in of night … Continue reading

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