Love crossing the threshold

Two more days in the Guatemalan orphanage. A place where two hundred fifty children live joyfully regardless of their situation. And here, I have a found a friend.  Ruth Naomi. Yesterday, my Ruth Naomi was waiting for me when I returned from our trip away to another orphanage.  The place where I’d met and fallen… Continue reading Love crossing the threshold


Sharing Sunday: A funeral sermon for the living

Life has definitely interrupted my normalcy and kept me from sharing with you all regularly.  I’d apologize except that I’m not sorry for the paths God is having me travel.  (In fact, Camden and I leave in less than a week for a mission to Guatemala!) Before we leave, I want to urge you to… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: A funeral sermon for the living

Faith, Thanks Living

Don’t ditch your swim trunks (hope and swimming holes)

In my early years of social work, I had the privilege of transporting foster children to their medical appointments and family visits.  One of my favorite children was Arthur.  Arthur is now an adult.  But, when I entered into foster care, he was about eight years old.  Arthur stole my heart. And even though I… Continue reading Don’t ditch your swim trunks (hope and swimming holes)


Sharing Sunday: By faith, Cristal…

Forgive me for my week-long absence.  Unexpected life events do certainly draw our attention away from the normal at times.  And what a blessing.  Yesterday, Nick Elizondo shared  a message with our congregation.  In a word.  Faith. Nick asked a question which hung gently in the air before landing heavily on each heart. What actions… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: By faith, Cristal…