Sharing Sunday: By faith, Cristal…

Forgive me for my week-long absence.  Unexpected life events do certainly draw our attention away from the normal at times. 

And what a blessing. 

Yesterday, Nick Elizondo shared  a message with our congregation. 

In a word.  Faith.

Sharing Sunday2

Nick asked a question which hung gently in the air before landing heavily on each heart.

What actions has your faith caused you to live out?

Using an illustration of being in an airplane with a parachute, Nick drew a picture of the difference between faith and belief. 

Looking at the parachute, neatly packed and appearing operable, I can believe it works.

When I wrap the device snug to my body and jump from the plane, I have demonstrated my faith in the parachute.

For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead. (James 2:26)

Has my faith spurred me into action? 

Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

The writer of Hebrews paints a picture of faith in the eleventh chapter.  A beautiful portrait for those who need a visual.

By faith Abel…

By faith Enoch…

By faith Noah…

By faith Abraham…

By faith Sarah…

By faith Rahab…

And the list goes on. 

Sharing Sunday1

Action produced by faith. 

Nick challenged us to imagine the possibility of sitting down to converse with one of these saints of old.  Having read their story, the saints may ask us, “So, what’d you do?”

Will our only reply suddenly seem shallow and weak?

We sat around and talked about you.

It’s time to get out of the boat. 

Sharing Sunday5

For some of us, it means first releasing the tether holding our vessel firmly to the dock. 

With the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit we are privileged to possess a faith He delivers and expands. 

A faith that walks on water.

Sharing Sunday3

Leaving the boat empty of a passenger.

A faith that spurs even a ball-capped boy to rise and step out.

Sharing Sunday4

Might we one day have a story to share.

By faith Caleb…

By faith Cristal…

Sharing Sunday6

21 thoughts on “Sharing Sunday: By faith, Cristal…”

  1. I like this new perspective on stepping out in faith… to think of talking to Abraham and sharing what I did 🙂 I’ve struggled and still do with the caregiving role I’m in. But to know first that I’m where God wants me and second that I will have a story to share with someone, something that may help someone else… that helps. Thank you:) And very glad to see you back – – life does happen to us all.

    1. So thankful to be back, Brooke. And blessed to read your comments, as always. I received notice of yours and Dawn’s comments this morning before heading out the door. I began to pray for both of you. Same as I pray for myself. That we will recognize God’s voice calling us and operate in the faith He gives us to follow. To step out of the boat when He calls!

  2. Dear Cristal,

    I loved this, perhaps because I am once again in a place of stepping out of the boat. I had been in this particular boat 8 years. It had almost conformed to the shape of my body. As I am getting older I am noticing that age has a tendency to keep me clinging to the familiar as my own strength wanes. As you know, God had to do some major pushing to get me out of this boat and now my feet are submerged in sea water. I can’t see bottom and I’m not a long-distance swimmer so it’s solely by faith that I step (tread water). Thanks for these wonderful words that affirm my position.


    1. Hello Dawn, not sure if you read my response to Brooke, but I began praying for you and her this morning when I received your comments before heading out for the day. Although you think God pushed you out of the boat, that’s not the way I saw it. I recall a very faith-filled woman detecting the voice of her Master and obediently following Him. And my prayer for you is that you continue to stay in tune with His Spirit, being led by Him in all ways. Even if it means walking on water! Much, much, much love to you. Cristal

  3. “…A faith that walks on water…”

    Peter walked on water because Jesus told him to step out of the boat. This is the major point of faith: we must hear Jesus’ voice because “faith comes by hearing the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17)

    Great post. Go Caleb and Cristal.

    1. Amen, Larry! I sure don’t want to step out for the sake of getting wet. That’s when I sink. Like a rock. Nick also shared in his sermon (but I couldn’t share it all) our need to release the heavy weights holding us down and follow God’s promptings. And, as you said, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Why do we so often want to skip that vital ingredient. The Word. Time in the Word. Thank you for your faithful and insightful comments!

  4. It has been awhile since I seen you on the net and I missed reading your blogs glad you are back sis. When it comes to faith we all can say allot of things, and you said most of it here so the only thing I will add and it’s my experience and that is “I know for a fact without faith I can’t make it” I know faith pleases God and that is my hearts desire is to please my Father….Have a great Monday..

    1. You are so kind, Desiray. Thank you. It is so obvious your heart’s desire is to please the Father. The posts on your blog offer a contagious, deep, and wholehearted abandon to loving the Lord. Thank you for reminding us we must operate by faith!

  5. Hi Cristal,
    God always approves of faith. I know that, but when I’m taking a step faith or jumping out of a “safe” and comfortable boat, it is still difficult. I guess that’s what faith is, stepping and jumping without seeing. Gulp.
    Thanks Cristal,

    1. I can relate to the safe and comfortable (and convenient, in my case). Yet, I also don’t want to leave the boat just for the sake of jumping ship. As you know (because I’ve read your blog enough to see what you suggest), it’s all about faithful obedience upon His prompting. And then, like you wrote, the “gulp”! 😉

      1. “I don’t want to leave the boat just for the sake of jumping ship.” That’s a helpful distinction. Sometimes I feel like I need to take bold (crazy?) steps in order to be a faithful Christian becuase those are the “wow” stories in the Bible and in life, but maybe God doesn’t call all of us, or even many of us, to do that. On the other hand…I wonder what God would do if more of us tried?
        Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

    1. Thank you, Brian, for faithfully encouraging me. I am doing well, but busier than ever with some new pressures and responsibilities. I am finding less time available to sit at the computer. But, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. However, I am missing out on some amazing blog posts from friends like you!!

      1. New things are good, Cristal! Enjoy them. The nice thing about these blogs we all write is that (in theory, haha) they aren’t going anywhere so you can check them whenever. I too have been busy lately and not spending quite as much time online these days. It’s all good. Sending good thoughts your way for your new responsibilities that you described. Have a good day!

  6. I too have been on a break from WordPress (and not blogging as much on my Blogger account either – I usually post 10-12 photo posts a week, but not lately). Sometimes life gets in the way…

    And all we need is the faith of a mustard seed. Thanks for the timely reminder Cristal!! I hope and pray you and yours are well 🙂

    1. So good to hear from you, Liz! When life gets in the way, we must surely be ready to adapt. And that often means detouring from the habits and customs to which we’re accustomed…which is hard for a control-freak like me! God is certainly teaching me quite a bit about change and being flexible as “life gets in the way”!

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