Sharing Sunday: The original King of the wild frontier

Life’s travel plans don’t always send us down paved paths through flowering meadows. I often find my trip has brought me into a sweeping frontier thick with briars and brambles. Gazing ahead, swallowing hard, I doubt I’m prepared to venture into rough terrain. And I realize I am not. Not alone. I yearn for Someone who’s traversed… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: The original King of the wild frontier


Enemies of God have fat hearts

As God so gently guides me through His Word, He carefully brings correction. Adulterers and Adulteresses! Don’t you know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? So whoever wants to become the world’s friend becomes God’s enemy.  (James 4:4) Adultery.  Harsh words.  Meant to bring pause and draw attention. Companions of the world. … Continue reading Enemies of God have fat hearts


Check your ego at the door (because pride comes before a fall)

We attempt random feats at CrossFit.  One being a max box jump. Here’s Camden demonstrating (click here). The top five scores go on the board for men and women.  I’m not concerned, necessarily, with having my name on the board. But, when Caleb jumped 37.5”, beating me by four inches, mom was jumping again. I… Continue reading Check your ego at the door (because pride comes before a fall)


Living High Minded

There are times in life when what we see is blurred.  Yet, we know clarity must exist in the spiritual. When God tells a family to sell their home. The husband obeys.  Walking by faith.  The home sells quickly and smoothly. And the husband, wife and two boys move into a hotel. The family seeks… Continue reading Living High Minded


After spending a week with Guatemalan orphans in conditions that broke my heart, I was faced with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. This blog post from my pastor was timely and refreshing. I can do something to make a difference in Guatemala. One page at a time!

BK's Blog

For years I have done a little illusion or magic trick each day at VBS.  It’s fun and the kids seem to like it.  A few years ago I learned to tear a phone book in half and did it one day at VBS.  Now, before you start being in awe I have to tell you that it was a Bridge City phone book which means it was only about 1” – 1 ½ “ thick.

This year a few of the kids started asking me to tear a phone book in half.  I didn’t have any small ones.  I only had phone books that were Orange County which means they are about 2 ½” thick.  My daughter was in my office and said, “Why don’t you tear a phone book in half tomorrow?”  I said that I didn’t have one small enough that I could tear. When she left…

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