Check your ego at the door (because pride comes before a fall)

We attempt random feats at CrossFit.  One being a max box jump.

Here’s Camden demonstrating (click here).

The top five scores go on the board for men and women.  I’m not concerned, necessarily, with having my name on the board.

But, when Caleb jumped 37.5”, beating me by four inches, mom was jumping again.

I wasted no time starting on a 24” box and moving up.  I set up the 30” box.

With one successful jump, I decided to leap once more onto the 30” before stacking plates on top.

Since we can’t get a running start, I swing my arms for momentum.

And with one swoop of the arms and bend of the knees, I bound toward the top of the box.

Just as my feet rose to land atop the timber and my arms swung forward, my left hand slammed forcefully into the side of the box.

Blood quickly surfaced with a painful throbbing.  Before long, two fingers began to resemble sausages.

And today, they are wrapped and wounded.

I’m not sure what’s more damaged.  My fingers or my pride.

And this must be why our coach wears this shirt.


So often in life I find myself driven by pride.

And so often in life I find myself having fallen.

The haughty spirit.  The ego of a lofty mind.  Puffed up.

Just before destruction.

Another coach asked me, this morning, what happened to my fingers.

With these few words, I explained.

I didn’t check my ego at the door.

He took the opportunity to prod.

And how’d that work out for you?

The fall hurts worse when I’ve climbed so high.

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

(Update: several of you have been so sweet to ask about our Sharing Sundays.  Caleb is still drawing and my pastor is still preaching.  But, my camera is broken.  Maybe it was being prideful.  A lofty lil’ camera.  I have much to share once I can take pictures again!)

19 thoughts on “Check your ego at the door (because pride comes before a fall)”

    1. Yes, it’s a little different than “High Minded Thinking” when my thoughts are on me instead of the things of the Kingdom. How quickly I can move from one level to another!

      1. Now sis I got to say I love the shirt and I think every person should at least purchase one and wear them for at least a month until everyone catches the meaning behind it because it is truly a door open to witness….what you think?

  1. I’ve noticed over the years how God calls super-competitive people to do great things for His kingdom. First, He softens the pride part of the super-competitive nature through more than a few trials so He can use them properly. But He never removes that inner desire to jump back on the box one more time. It’s that inner desire to jump again that keeps people (like you) moving forward when times get tough.

    1. You certainly know how to look on the bright side, Larry. And, I’m thankful. I’d never looked at my competitiveness in that light. In fact, I’d always thought it was a thorn in my side. Until now. So, thank you! Now, I can be thankful for my inner desire to keep jumping — as long as it’s not in response to my puffed up attitude. Because these fingers certainly hurt. 😉

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only competitive one here! Thankfully, the physical pain is subsiding. The prick of pain to my pride is still lingering. Although, that’s a good thing, as well. 😉

    1. So, I’m not alone, Carrie?!? I am glad you stopped by! Even though I’ve not been surfing the blogs lately (time hasn’t allowed), I enjoy reading your emails through your blog subscription!

  2. Hi Cristal! How are you doing? Its been long since I visited my blogs and other blogs which I follow as yours.

    I simply loved your post. The Spirit of God teaches us such powerful lessons through our own life events and when we heed to that we mature in wisdom, HIS WISDOM.

    You taught me too. Thanks a lot for this reminder sister. God bless you and your family.

    1. Great to hear from you, my friend! I, too, have not been visiting other blogs. I feel “left out”! But, I’m trying very hard to stay on top of the tasks God’s giving me (which, unfortunately, doesn’t include much internet time). I appreciate you stopping by to offer those words of wisdom. You certainly ministered to me. Thank you!

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