Watch for falling rocks! My tower of babel is crumbling!!

As God is moving our family away from comfort and convenience, our eyes are being opened to the baggage we’ve packed into our lives.

When our home sold with unbelievable quickness and ease, we moved into a small hotel room with a few belongings – Thinking we’d be there only a short while and then find another spacious dwelling as before.

God had His own plans.

We have now settled into a travel trailer.  A house on wheels.  We bought my grandmother’s RV and slid our new home snug onto a vacant concrete slab.

I’m not sure if you received the invitation to my pity party the week we moved in.  If you did, you failed to show up.  And, you really missed out on a humdinger of a shindig.  Alas, I was left all alone to celebrate.

Thankfully, in my time alone, there is One who never leaves my side.  One who prods and pokes until I get my act together.

Party’s over, sister.

And, oh, the refreshment of His counsel and grace!

shells on the sea shore by Dennis via flickr

Preparing last week to teach Sunday school, I was drawn into the unveiling of Truth in the story of the Tower of Babel.

Here we find (as John Piper expounded) two sins.

The love of praise.

The love of security.

At one time the whole earth had the same language and vocabulary.  As people migrated from the east, they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there.

They said to each other, “Come, let us make oven-fired bricks.” They used brick for stone and asphalt for mortar.

And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky.

Let us make a name for ourselves

Otherwise, we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”

(Genesis 11:1-4)

And here I found me.

Sea Shell on the Shore by p!o via flickr

With a brick in one hand and mortar in the other.

Erecting my own Babylonian tower.

Attempting to exalt myself to the place of God

Craving to make a name for Cristal.

The love of praise.

Securing my life in a city.

Building a sanctuary of safekeeping.

A permanent dwelling to suit my needs and plans.  And let’s not forget a safe house for my idols, as well.

The love of security.

God’s will for human beings is not that we find our joy in being praised,

but that we find our joy in knowing and praising him.

His will is not that we find our security in cities

but in God whom we gladly obey. (John Piper)

Setting Sun by Jasmic via flickr

As my wise and most courageous husband squeezed through our compact home leaving for work yesterday, I expressed my wonderings.

This isn’t exactly what you had planned.

Is it?

With the pause of a gentle smile, his confident reply washed clean the gritty fears.

I’ve quit making plans.

And I felt freedom as the walls of our tower began crumbling.


Martyn Lloyd-Jones writes:

We are all expert planners, are we not?

Those people [the builders of Babel’s Tower] were planners. They drew the specifications of the city.

They had it all worked out.

We all do that in life, do we not? You have your plans.

Your future life and career are mapped out.

You know what you want to do.

Where does God come in?

Is the plan made under God, or is it made apart from him?

The one lesson of [Genesis 11] is that if you plan your life without God at the center, it will come to nothing, nothing at all. It will be as futile and as fatuous as the Tower of Babel. God will come down and will destroy it, whether you like that or not. This is the whole history of the Bible. It is the history of the subsequent centuries after the end of the Bible. It is the history of the twentieth century.

The human race is not allowed to build a civilization without God, and you are not allowed to build your life without God.

(Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Gospel in Genesis: From Fig Leaves to Faith (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2009), 141.)

31 thoughts on “Watch for falling rocks! My tower of babel is crumbling!!”

    1. @Larry I was thinking just the same thing.

      @Cristal I’m so encouraged with your story. You say it how it is; cut, dry and to the point! God is so good even through our greatest trials. It is in those times that our character is tested, and the greatest miracles can, and will be seen!

      I already know what I say is true, because I’ve seen my God take all sorts of situations and turn them around. He is amazing! I really can’t stop praising Him! Thank you Cristal for being an encouragement to me this morning as I really needed to hear this message, again. =D You’d think after seeing hundreds of miracles, mountains being moved, healings taking place; that’d I’d no longer struggle. Though, we know He will finish the good work He started.

      God bless you and your family Cristal! Do not worry as blessings are coming!

      1. I am very glad to have your insight and encouraging comments, Justin. Thank you. I can attest to the times of trial creating character and producing miracles. I just told my husband, this week, we’d better dig into the Word and make sure we’re on track in case God’s keeping us in this little RV for character training. In other words, we could be here a while if we don’t get busy! 🙂

  1. Cristal. . I just admire what you are doing as a family. And your husband’s comment about not making plans anymore. Wow.
    Praying for you. I’ve missed reading your words here. You inspire me. Some talk of letting towers crumble, you are finding peace and joy with the bricks laying in piles around you. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Danelle. I also miss reading your words. I’ve been “on leave” from browsing the internet in order to focus on some areas God’s showing me need my attention. And, yes, as the bricks fall, I am finding peace!

    1. Wow, Mark! That’s quite an honor! Thank you very much. I’ve not quite figured out how to “accept” blog awards without veering away from the purpose of Refusing to Tiptoe (pointing others to Christ and living fully for Him). So, I want you to know I am overwhelmed at your thoughtfulness and am extremely thankful!

  2. Cristal, thank you for writing what God is teaching you and your husband. May you continue to give God the glory, honor, and praise as you allow Him to guide your life. Even when we can’t see the bigger picture, we need to trust that God’s plans are always better than our plans!

    1. Thank you, Danielle. That’s the hard part — not being able to see the big picture and being in the middle of the little picture. But still trusting in Him for all things.

  3. Hi Cristal. I don’t know what God is planning in your family no more than I know what He is planning in mine, but I can relate to what it feels like to be challenged to have faith in the midst of uncertainty. I had all kinds of plans before Jesse got sick and died-everyone of them shattered. Yet, our faith in Christ remains-a testimony to His faithfulness.

    1. Peter, I cannot adequately express what your testimony has done to spur me to live fully for Christ with faith in the midst of uncertainty. You are a reminder not to make plans for ourselves but to trust God with our lives COMPLETELY. I am so very sorry for the circumstances that have led you to have your testimony. But, I am thankful you use your testimony to encourage others to live with abandon.

      (If anyone reading this has not taken time to check out Peter’s blog, you are missing out!)

  4. Reblogged this on Provocative Christian Living and commented:
    My friend Cristal, who authors the Refusing to Tiptoe blog is on an amazing adventure with God. This is a very thought provoking read that got me thinking a great deal about where I put my security and what I want most in life. It is well worth the few minutes to read and the extended time of pondering.

    1. Thank you, Dan. Your encouragement to our family through this “adventure” is more appreciated than you can likely imagine. And your own words of wisdom on your blog are refreshing to us as we seek companionship as sojourners on this journey.

  5. Excellent food for thought. I shared my deepest fear with a friend of mine last week. That fear was being poor. He said, “Adam, what if God wants you to be poor?” That’s a hard question to hear, but valid.

    1. Sometimes those “fears” or “false securities” are like splinters that need to be removed before they fester and cause a serious infection. And, it seems we each have different splinters. Whereas yours could be the security of money; mine could be the security of family. I’m not saying we need to sell all our possessions or abandon our families. Maybe it’s a matter of prioritizing and absorbing a Kingdom mentality that reminds us we’re just passing through.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey Cristal! I picked up your post through Dan’s blog and have linked to yours now also. I can relate with the pity party as they are a pretty regular part of my schedule when growth opportunities arrive for me.

  7. Dear Cristal, thanks for sharing this. I have been struggling with a similar issue as God is teaching me to lean on him not on myself. Looking at our little nest egg I see that 10% of it has disappeared over 2012. Since my husband and I are hoping to retire soon I am becomming more and more upset that we are spending over and above our income instead of saving. Interestingly enough most of it has gone to charity in obedience to God. I find myself panicking every time I have to make a withdrawl. Your story made me realize I have to let go and trust God.

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