My 100th tweet (guest post by Cody Hogden)

My 100th tweet.

I have reached a milestone in my life.  The 100th tweet.

As I stared at my Twitter account and looked at the number 99, the thought came over me,

It’s your 100th.

Make it a good one.

I know, as a Christian, being compared to the moon is nothing new. And honestly, I think it’s what many of us do. It may not be right, but it’s what we do.

First, we know the sun is amazing. Without it, none of us would be here and there would be no life on earth. Which is true also and even more so when it comes to the Son. The moon is basically made of rock and dust.  Lifeless. Yet it serves a great purpose, one of those being to “reflect” the sun. Hence the comparison of Christians reflecting the Son on earth. And hey! We have all the great tools and places we can reflect the Son.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and…well, that’s all I know.  But I’m sure there are many, many more.

Maybe I’m the only one, but have you ever found yourself looking for scriptures, quotes, other tweets…

Not to be changed by them.

But simply to post? 

I mean, I’m the moon.  Reflecting the Son?!?!  Right???

Recently, I was talking to a friend about home building, and he mentioned using Solar Panels (Solar Energy/Power). I researched it a little and here’s what I found.

Solar electric panels are made up of something called silicon, the same thing that makes up sand.

I thought…hmm, sand is lifeless.

Next, the silicon sand is heated and formed into thin wafers. When sunlight hits a solar panel, it makes electrons in the silicon sand move around. The electrons flow through wires that were built into the solar panel and presto! We have electricity.

Wow. The sun takes something lifeless, gets things moving around inside, and the lifeless sand becomes a conduit of the sun’s power.

Did you just catch that!?!?!

We’re not the moon simply reflecting the Son. We’re a SOLAR PANEL, absorbing the Son. As we absorb the Son, the Holy Spirit moves in our lives and we become LIVING conduits of God’s love, grace, mercy, forgiveness….POWER!!!

Is it possible that our lifeless Christianity is caused by being the moon? Searching for things to post rather than absorbing the Son.

Is it possible that lifeless preaching is caused by searching the Holy Scriptures for something to preach rather than spending time, soaking in the Son and the stirring of the Holy Spirit producing power in our lives that spews out on Sunday mornings?

Listen, I love the analogy of the moon.  But the moon is lifeless.

Christianity is ALIVE. It’s a supernatural power.


Be a solar panel.

I have introduced you, in the past, to my friend Cody.

Cody has a penetrating testimony of God’s redeeming love.

He has a passion for the meat of the Word and a fervor to feed it to those who are hungry.

I’m thrilled he was willing to share with us some of the Truth bubbling inside his soul.  Hopefully, we can convince Cody to visit here more often.

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