Sharing Sunday: Getting the Cristal out of Cristal

Last Sunday, our friend, Rudy, called and asked to visit with us.  Any time Rudy calls, it’s not for a social gathering.  Rudy doesn’t meet to discuss the weather or the Dallas Cowboys.

Rudy follows the leading of God and wastes no time speaking his heart to encourage and edify.

While sitting across the table from Rudy at the local Dairy Queen, the need for God to work the Cristal out of Cristal became obvious.

BK had reminded us that morning there’s an old nature warring inside.  That carnal instinct which operates in opposition to God. 

At one moment, I’m intent on godliness.


But, in an instant, I’m engaged in sin.


The predator nature lying dormant but always ready to make an appearance.


BK reminded us that being conscious of that nature keeps us on guard.

And as Rudy spoke, I thought of the conviction I faced last week.

The love of praise.

The love of security.

Making a name for myself.

And here I am.  In the process of having that tower of babel bulldozed.

The dismantling of me.

Getting the Cristal out of Cristal. 

So, only One rules and reigns.

(Thank you, Caleb, for giving me a visual of that vicious old nature.)


12 thoughts on “Sharing Sunday: Getting the Cristal out of Cristal”

  1. God did not call you because you were perfect, but instead, He called you because He figured He could destroy you so that He might take your place. Humor helps and so does a good artist like Caleb.

  2. I clicked on your BK link above (how do you get it to link like that?) and I loved the idea that we don’t reflect God’s light. Instaed, He IS light within us and we are to shine. I never really thought about the difference between reflecting and shining before. I must ponder this…

    I love Caleb’s dog.

    1. I love BK’s stories, Dawn. I wish he’d post more (hint hint).

      About the link: I write my posts in Windows Live Writer (posting from WP was wearing me out!). There is a “hyperlink” button (with the picture of a chain link) I can press to add a “link” to any highlighted words. I think there’s something similiar in the WP drafting mode, too.

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