I discovered a treasure in my RV!

One morning last week, on my way back to our new home in the RV, my thoughts veered toward and lingered on our cramped living circumstances awaiting my arrival.

Forgetting we are in the middle of an amazing adventure with God, I allowed my mind to dip into the weary well of despair and drink heartily of its welcoming, yet bitter, waters.

The practice of thanksgiving has been neglected.

And a life of thanks living had taken a momentary turn for the worse.

Yet, in the midst of the fog, an invitation from God arrived.  An opportunity to embrace eucharisteo broke through the surrounding cloud.

That’s when I realized the blessing.

water drops with sunshine by Steve took it via flickr

I have a screen door!

I’d been envious of homes with screen doors.  A way to invite inside fresh breezes and cleansing.

Our new home on wheels has the perfect little screen door.  It had been there all along.  Waiting to be noticed.  Lingering on its hinges as I passed it by day after day with my eyes out of focus.  I was lacking a vision for treasured blessings awaiting discovery.

What a pleasure to use my screen door on that simply delightful morning offering a newness of cool, fall weather.

For this I gave thanks.


petunia peppermint galaxy by Steve took it via flickr

The refreshment of grace.

The renewing dew of fellowship through the intentional giving of thanks.

On Mondays, across the world-wide web, seekers of joy offer thanksgiving in order to live fully right where we are.

Multitudes on Mondays.

Although I do not regularly post my multitudes, I am still practicing thanks living.

In spacious homes.  In small hotel rooms.  And in smaller RVs.

The desire for fellowship with my Creator through offering Him praise travels with me no matter where our family moves.

And today I am thankful for…

a husband who’s willing to swim against the tide of culture

a teenager whose sense of humor has impeccable timing

a younger son who offers me more grace than I deserve

friends who refuse to tickle my ears with comfortable advice


How about you?

Are you able to discover hidden treasures no matter the circumstance?

I’d be blessed if you’d share your multitudes here with me!


About Cristal

Living life fully as the wife of one, a mother of two and follower of The One.
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17 Responses to I discovered a treasure in my RV!

  1. joseyphina says:

    Nice piece. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Tiffany says:

    That reminds me of our rv after the storm. We all took squished face pictures on the screen door:)
    Enjoy your view!

  3. Thank you for this, your pictures are as beautiful as your words.

  4. Oh, this is wonderful…great post! Such a good reminder to always be grateful for what we have, instead of thinking about what we don’t and to seek out the good things in life. Have a great day!

  5. Naphtali says:

    yes, so true. We are always looking for the bigger treasures; most of the time the best ones are right in front of us.

  6. Larry Who says:

    My wife and I were going through an extreme tough time. We were forced to take up dumpster diving, searching for cans and bottles for refunds. One day, we discovered an unopened package of chocolate cookies. We praised God all the way home.

    Did we like dumpster diving? Yucks, no! But when you’re going through a season like that, you’d better learn to praise God in all things…if you want to move on to the next season with God.

    • Cristal says:

      Oh. My. Larry. When I read this, my mouth fell open. I feel like I know you. So to imagine you dumpster diving was crazy. Are you serious? Do you discuss this on your blog? Send us the link.

      I pass a dumpster every day entering and leaving our RV park. And, now, as I pass, I think of ALL the things to be thankful for because I’m not dumpster diving. Seriously.

      And the truth you shared is very deep: learn to praise God in all things if you want to move on to the next season with God. You are right on! And that’s exactly where we’re at. We find ourselves drifting back into complaining (about what we no longer have) and have to jerk ourselves back into an attitude of gratitude. Because we’re ready for that next season!

  7. Faithrises says:

    Refreshing perspective…So much to be thankful for, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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