Dia de Gracias (Guatemalan Thanksgiving)

We spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala this year.  Our family and our pastor.  I cannot deny the thoughts that came to visit that day.  Images of turkey, dressing and favorite desserts back home with family in Texas.  But, reality was gritty, sweaty, smelly and foreign conditions.

Again, just as in all attempts to reject the invitation to pity parties, I was reminded of a simple truth.

Give thanks in all things.

Might I confess the difficulty of adjusting the posture of my heart?  Moving from self-care to God-concern is often a slow and begrudging process.

So, I start with an uncomplicated list.  An inventory of the obvious.  Yet hidden until unveiled with a seeking heart.

A pursuit for freedom with a roll call of grace.

The first mark of the pen is the hardest.  The heart still not yielded in complete surrender to the practice of praise.  As the words fill the page, however, worship saturates the soul.  And soon a new perspective arrives.

The mindset of Christ.

Seeing life the way He sees it.

Katie Strandlund via Flickr

The situation around me hasn’t changed.

But, my point of view has been altered.

And my surroundings are suddenly remarkable.

I am linking up today with bloggers around the world who celebrate Dia de Gracias more than once a year.


Would you join us?

Those who are willing to take the Joy Dare?

I dare you

Your comments are treasured

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