Before you resort to sniffing oils for curbing your holiday spending…

Our family uses essential oils for many reasons, primarily for healing numerous ailments.  I often receive newsletters from companies selling essential oils.  And, this week was no different.

However, this particular email boasted a special claim.

Ways to keep your holiday spending in control.

With essential oils?  I was curious.

One of the biggest things that can ruin the fun of the holiday season is out-of-control spending.

There is hope!

Here are ways to avoid that.

My inquisitive mind prodded my eyes in a hurry to the next line.  I was eager to find my newfound answer to self-control.

Diffuse the oils in your car, put a drop or two in your purse or wallet, diffuse them around your computer, wear as a perfume or cologne, or just open the bottle and sniff.

When you are preparing to go shopping, particularly when you are making your list, make sure you inhale the aroma deeply 2-3 times, while telling yourself “I am in control.”

If you feel the situation can possibly get out of your control, once again, go back to the scent of the oil, and tell yourself “I am in control.”

I imagined myself making a shopping list while deeply inhaling the aromas of sandalwood and patchouli.  As my self-control heightened, I’d gently be whispering, “I am in control.”  And surely restraint would flow from my nostrils to my pen in hand.  As jurisdiction abounded, my fingers would be aware of abstinence techniques to prevent excessive spending.

And if that didn’t work, I’d keep a bottle of cedarwood oil in my purse.  If I became aware of overspending at the department store, I’d simply inhale the conductor of control at the checkout counter.  And, of course, softly chant, “I am in control.” 

That’s how it works.  Right?

Of course not.

But, I needed a good giggle that day.  And this suggestion for obtaining self-discipline delivered such a laugh.

I have gleaned much wisdom from one of the outstanding women in the Body of Christ.  Elisabeth Elliot has influenced those seeking a deeper and sincere walk with Christ.  Her book, Discipline: The Glad Surrender, is currently moving me into a greater understanding of who I am created and called to be for God. 

peering through a liquid keyhole by steve wall via flickr

I’m certain Mrs. Elliot would disagree with using our flesh to curb our appetites.  As would the One to whom she gladly surrenders.

Christian discipline means placing oneself under orders.  It is no mere business of self-improvement.

The disciple is one who has made a very simple decision.

I do not say it is an easy decision, and I have found it needs to be renewed daily.

The disciple is not on his own, left to seek self-actualization.

He gives himself to a Master and in so doing leaves self behind.

(Elisabeth Elliot)

What a relief to know we are not subject to our own cravings.  Nor can we individually muster up enough fortitude to successfully suppress the shameful desires lurking within.  We who are filled with the Spirit of the living God have moved into position of being subject to and controlled by a Master.

We have a Commanding Officer who will train us in this business of surrender.

Without even needing aromas, chants or fuzzy feelings.

A death of self invites a life everlasting.

He offers an exchange.

His life for ours.

Every day we experience something of the death of the Lord Jesus, so that we may also know the power of the life of Jesus in these bodies of ours. (2 Corinthians 4:10)

4 thoughts on “Before you resort to sniffing oils for curbing your holiday spending…”

  1. Essential oils must be the new hot items among Christians as I see a lot of them talk about the products on Facebook. I tend to move slow on these things, being slow to change, but I had hopes in the early part of this article. Oh well! Disciple means discipline one and I guess that’s not changing, huh?

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