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The reason I’ve quit praying for my husband

Our pastor urged us to beseech God.

Lord, teach us to pray.

This simple request led to extensive training as I became a pupil of God’s Spirit.

I discovered my motives and purposes for prayer were often askew.

Specifically for my husband.

As I evaluated my petitions on my husband’s behalf, I realized my desired outcomes of those heavenly appeals were on my behalf.

Yet even when you do pray, your prayers are not answered, because you pray just for selfish reasons. (James 4:3 CEV)

The prayers for my husband were for me.

A hunger for satisfying my own desires dwelt deeper than the love for my spouse.

And this selfish appetite was revealed in my conversations with the Almighty.

In humbled repentance, I offered my supplications to the Lord.

heart ring light by MorrowLess via flickr

There He gave me His vision for my husband.

I am now able to offer petitions with Christ’s motives and His intentions.

Praying His purpose is much purer than praying Cristal’s purpose.

That’s why I quit praying for my husband.

So Christ could pray.

Why are you praying for your spouse, children, loved ones or friends?

What are you motives and intentions?

Has Jesus prompted you to pray what you are praying?

If not, maybe you should let Him take over.

3 thoughts on “The reason I’ve quit praying for my husband”

  1. After praying for my wife for years, my prayers changed one day when I asked God a question: “When are you going to do something in her life?” A few moments later, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: “She’s not the problem, you are!”

    I eventually learned how to pray properly for her and to be a better husband. (Still working on both of these though, even today.)

    1. It’s wild to think WE are the ones who need to be changed! 😉

      I’m still a work in progress, as well. But, I thank God He’s still changing me and renewing my mind daily.

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