Taking the weight off Camden (we all have a burdened buddy)

Camden and I are still arising at 4:30am several mornings a week to train at our local CrossFit.  In the year we’ve been at CFBC, I’ve learned about more than simply fitness.  In fact, I typically walk away (or limp away depending on how hard I worked that day) with a challenge to improve not only my physical performance, but mostly my daily walk in life. 

This week, we had a “partner WOD” (workout of the day).  While one partner executed the prescribed movements or lifts, the other partner held a heavy weight.  The weight would pass between partners and could never touch the ground (without a penalty).  At the beginning of the WOD, my partner held our weight inside the gym while I went outside to await the signal to begin the first leg of the challenge.

I was chatting with the guy next to me (Camden’s partner, Mitchel) about the conditions surrounding us. We were about to carry dumbbells down a bumpy residential street.  With very few streetlights.  In the dark.  And the weather was offering us a chilly morning.

I was considering my personal plight.

That’s when Mitchel offered his perspective.

My concern is getting back in there as fast as I can to get that weight off Camden.

I was meditating on my predicament and solely occupied with myself, forgetting Erin inside the gym holding our weighted plate.

Mitchel, however, was intent on relieving the burden Camden was bearing.  Forgetting about himself.

While one was gazing inward, another was focused outward.

getting huge by ericmcgregor via flickr

I began to consider the daily opportunities I’m missing in helping take the load off someone else.

Don’t we often (especially with our spouses or close friends) expect them to carry heavy loads?  And then complain if they drop the weight?

I want to be of a mindset that keeps me looking around, at my teammates in life, to see who needs to be relieved of the loads they’re bearing.

And then eagerly come alongside them.

Shouldering their burdens and sharing the work.

A life purposed to live outward.

7 thoughts on “Taking the weight off Camden (we all have a burdened buddy)”

  1. Cristal, Cristal, Cristal… This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of… it is so easy to slide into the me me me instead of the beauty of how love works! My heart wants to be right there to lift the burden from those around me. I have been busy lifting emotional and spiritual burdens from those around me, up to our loving Saviour, and am blessed to do this love deed. But the physical… the everyday being considerate of how I can lift the physical burden of another, to be there for them at the right time, is a true love gift!
    *My concern is getting back in there as fast as I can to get that weight off Camden.*
    This is the heart of Jesus… it is where I want to be

    You are such a blessing dear friend…

    1. Thank you for the words of wisdom! I am right there with you, Susan (or likely farther behind). 😉 I find that it requires much physical energy to lift those weights and offer to carry them. And, too often, I find myself lazy and lethargic. This was not and is not the heart of Christ. I want to be a physical helper, along with being a prayer partner.

    1. Praise God that distance doesn’t get in the way! And prayer is our biggest “help” to others. Sometimes, I need to also use my feet to allow God to use me to answer prayers.

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