Is your representation legit?

I was in a sorority in college.

Alpha Chi Omega.

Thankfully, for the most part, my sisters were modest, Christian young women aiming to be world changers.

I learned a lot through my experience with AXΩ.

One lesson that has carried over into adulthood is to remember who I’m representing.

Bearing the letters ΑXΩ was an honor and a privilege.


A reputation was at stake.

Reverence was expected.

The AXΩ letters could only be worn by an inducted Alpha Chi Omega.

And, even then, wearing the letters came with a constant awareness of the letter-wearing rules.

Our dear, elder, alumni sponsor, Mrs. Hawthorne, made certain we were dressed appropriately when bearing AXΩ across our shirts.  We were also to never visit a questionable place (such as a bar or nightclub) while donning the letters.  Even on a key chain.  And, if one chose to drink an alcoholic beverage, it had best not be out of an AXΩ cup.  You’d never see a sister sporting her letters across the backside of her shorts.

The letters certainly deserved a higher place.

There was a high-standing heritage to be upheld.

A legacy going back over a century.


I wonder why Christians don’t pay even more attention to the heritage we’re representing?

We bear the name of Christ as witnesses for our Lord.  All for His name’s sake.


And to what degree do we focus on keeping that Name holy and set apart?

As bearers of Christ, do we frequent places we shouldn’t?

Do we act or speak in ways that would bring question to His Name?

Those of us with Christian fish on the backs of our vehicles, how are we driving?

Do we uphold our high-standing Heritage as reverently as the AXΩ do theirs?

We aren’t simply representing a Greek organization filled with college gals.

We should be treasuring our association even more.

We are witnesses of a sure Testimony reaching back farther than just a century.

What would our Founder say of the way we’re representing His letters?

6 thoughts on “Is your representation legit?”

    1. Amen. I wish I could constantly be reminded of this truth. I don’t ever want to be a hurdle for a lost person coming to know Christ because of my foolishness.

  1. We overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. (Rev. 12:11) Our testimonies are an ongoing project which others watch and are either inspired or put off. So, yes, we need to be worthy ambassadors of the King.

    P.S. My fraternity experience certainly did not match your sorority experiences. Yours sounds much better.

    1. I agree, Larry. Yet, I run into too many Christians who find “grace” to be their freedom to act and speak any way they please (which isn’t pleasing to the King). 😦

      And, sorry about you not having a worthy Greek experience. I am quite grateful for mine and only after graduating realized not all are as favorable. 😉

  2. Great reminder, thanks for posting this!

    …and good ‘ol Alpha Chi. The girl I dated for three years in college was an AXO. Have several friends who were in that house as well. Still remember the ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ song spinoff: A-l-p-h-a C-h-i O-m-e-g-a. Alpha Chi.

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