Shaking up a Sluggish Heart

READ: Luke 24:13-35

Jesus has been crucified and buried.  It’s been 3 days.  Almost the end of the third day, as a matter of fact.

Some witnesses say He is risen, as He’d promised He’d do in three days.  But, it’s been the third day a long time.  Cleopas and his pal have seen nothing.  These two Jesus followers are walking roughly seven miles from all the action in Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus.  As they travel, they’re discussing all that has happened.  They’d known there would be a Messiah and so hoped this Jesus would be the One.  Things didn’t really pan out, though, the way their nation had hoped.  They needed national freedom.  They needed a liberator.  Jesus seemed to be the One who would set them free.

As is common in that day, a stranger catches up with them.  This guy seems to be clueless about all the events that have gone on this week.  Cleo fills this stranger in with all the details.

The thing is this outsider is actually The Insider.

But their eyes were restrained, so that they did not know Him.  Luke 24:16

The Insider witnesses their sadness and hopelessness.  Without revealing Himself, He brings the conversation back to the beginning.  Pretty much literally.

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, Jesus expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.   Luke 24:27

Pause your thoughts.

Allow the paintbrush of your imagination to design that portrait in your mind.

A perfect classroom emerges, in a matter of miles along a dusty trek to Emmaus, as the Lord Jesus presents a complete Old Testament Survey Course to two plain, simple, ordinary people. 

 Just before the Teacher began his class, however, He offered a spiritual mirror allowing these men the opportunity to reflect on the condition of their hearts.

Come on, men! Why are you being so foolish? Why are your hearts so sluggish when it comes to believing what the prophets have been saying all along?  Luke 24:25


Really, Teacher.  Did you have to be so blunt in the very first lecture group?  This may not be a good marketing strategy for raising the numbers in that seminary.  Nevertheless, the Teacher had a plan.

What happens in this one-and-only Old Testament Seminar is going to bring about a miraculous change of heart.

They said to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn inside us as He spoke to us on the road, opening up the Tanakh to us?”  Luke 24:32 (Complete Jewish Bible; Tanakh = Old Testament)


Jesus is eventually revealed, in person, to Cleo and Co. this day.   They then marvel at the acceleration of energy which transpired in their hearts as the Lord Jesus had explained the Scriptures, some from thousands of years prior to their own existence.

The New Testament had not been written.

The hearts of these men were shifted into high gear by immersion in what we call the Old Testament. 

Many of us today excuse ourselves from sitting at that old table, finding a newer one more suitable to our fancies.

Yet, it was supping at this vintage buffet that transformed the sluggish into the zealous.

PRAYER: Lord, give us a love for the entirety of Your Word.  Cause our eyes to be opened to see You in the completeness of Your Scriptures and have our souls matured as we are saturated in Your Truths.



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