Dia de Gracias (Guatemalan Thanksgiving)

We spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala this year.  Our family and our pastor.  I cannot deny the thoughts that came to visit that day.  Images of turkey, dressing and favorite desserts back home with family in Texas.  But, reality was gritty, sweaty, smelly and foreign conditions. Again, just as in all attempts to reject the invitation to… Continue reading Dia de Gracias (Guatemalan Thanksgiving)

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I discovered a treasure in my RV!

One morning last week, on my way back to our new home in the RV, my thoughts veered toward and lingered on our cramped living circumstances awaiting my arrival. Forgetting we are in the middle of an amazing adventure with God, I allowed my mind to dip into the weary well of despair and drink… Continue reading I discovered a treasure in my RV!

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Discovering painted skies in a colorless day

Husband’s out of town.  I’m holding down the fort. Camden’s running fever.  Tucking him in to bed, my weary mom cheek to his warm forehead, I pray for his comfort and healing. The setting sun and rolling in of night hasn't dampened Caleb’s lively spirit.  Lego construction is in full force.  Offering enticement to close his eyes, I… Continue reading Discovering painted skies in a colorless day

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In the meantime…(while hoping for candy in the nice time)

A child begs his mother for candy. And she refuses his request. Not now, son.  You can have candy later.  In the meantime, let’s get our shopping done. The child, realizing adults have mean times, yet full of hope, relentlessly inquires. Then, in the nice time, I can have candy? Children are eager to live in… Continue reading In the meantime…(while hoping for candy in the nice time)

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Winter fruit {changing the WAY I see}

Seasons in a lifetime. The spring of growth and refreshment. The summer’s enjoyment of warmth. The autumn change.  And the winter’s stillness. Frosty.  Cold.  And often bitter. Eyes absorbing the bleak.  The chill biting my flesh.  Hearing the sharp cracking of ice. A numbing from exposure to the frigid. The dead of winter. I want to… Continue reading Winter fruit {changing the WAY I see}

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When the small things turn big

Sitting in a room in Coronado, California, I embrace thanks living. Less than three months ago, I followed God’s leading into Guatemala.  Amongst the huge wonders He provided for me, there was an encounter.  Not a chance nor a coincidence.  Certainly not luck. A  brief visit with a man in the Guatemalan airport.  Just a… Continue reading When the small things turn big

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Finding joy in finding joy

I’m curious this morning. My children accepted January’s joy dare.  Naming three gifts from God a day.  Writing them in a notebook.  Intentional thanks living. I wonder what they’ve captured. I notice Caleb’s joy journal on the table.  Thirty one days of January completed. And I am overwhelmed at the depth of his joys. A… Continue reading Finding joy in finding joy

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Stablish, strengthen and settle

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:  Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing… Continue reading Stablish, strengthen and settle

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What winners need to lose

It’s 4:30am when my alarm clock rings.  Well, not really rings.  It quacks.  I don’t have my own alarm clock.  I use my teenager’s iPod.  And he set the alarm to quack.  Four thirty in the morning.  Quack.  Quack.  Quack. I’m used to it now.  And it reminds me to wake him up at the… Continue reading What winners need to lose

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Intentional treasures

I rush through another day. Time quickly travels as I hurry through busyness. I am reminded. But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them. (Luke 2:19) The Shepherds had seen the Messiah.  They shared the news.  Everyone was amazed. But Mary. But Mary was treasuring up.  But Mary… Continue reading Intentional treasures