Letting you in on a lil’ secret (only read if you’re ready for joy)

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the story of Pastor Saeed Abedini.  He is being held captive in a wicked, Iranian prison simply for his faith in Jesus Christ.  While the rest of us are occupied with what we’ll eat for supper (while we’re eating lunch), this man’s family is desperately praying and hoping for his release from the… Continue reading Letting you in on a lil’ secret (only read if you’re ready for joy)

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Don’t ditch your swim trunks (hope and swimming holes)

In my early years of social work, I had the privilege of transporting foster children to their medical appointments and family visits.  One of my favorite children was Arthur.  Arthur is now an adult.  But, when I entered into foster care, he was about eight years old.  Arthur stole my heart. And even though I… Continue reading Don’t ditch your swim trunks (hope and swimming holes)

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Finding joy in finding joy

I’m curious this morning. My children accepted January’s joy dare.  Naming three gifts from God a day.  Writing them in a notebook.  Intentional thanks living. I wonder what they’ve captured. I notice Caleb’s joy journal on the table.  Thirty one days of January completed. And I am overwhelmed at the depth of his joys. A… Continue reading Finding joy in finding joy

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What winners need to lose

It’s 4:30am when my alarm clock rings.  Well, not really rings.  It quacks.  I don’t have my own alarm clock.  I use my teenager’s iPod.  And he set the alarm to quack.  Four thirty in the morning.  Quack.  Quack.  Quack. I’m used to it now.  And it reminds me to wake him up at the… Continue reading What winners need to lose

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Intentional treasures

I rush through another day. Time quickly travels as I hurry through busyness. I am reminded. But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them. (Luke 2:19) The Shepherds had seen the Messiah.  They shared the news.  Everyone was amazed. But Mary. But Mary was treasuring up.  But Mary… Continue reading Intentional treasures

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Looking past the ugly to taste the delightful

The weather today was rainy.  Gray skies.  Dreary. The perfect day for warm and gooey homemade cookies.  I’m attempting to create a recipe.  A healthy-sugar, grain-free, dairy-free delight.  And I have a helper. A taste tester of sorts. We are on our second attempt. The cookies aren’t turning out lovely. But my taste tester said… Continue reading Looking past the ugly to taste the delightful

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One thousand gifts in 2012: I Dare You

Many of us have made New Years Resolutions.   A wish to create valuable habits. Ann Voskamp writes, We never cease working on the the habit of good food, good exercise, good time management. Why ever lessen the habit of our grateful thanks to a good God? Ann has challenged us to count just three gifts a day… Continue reading One thousand gifts in 2012: I Dare You

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Sweetness of memories on a tree

There are many pleasures to be found in Christmas.   We must be careful to cling to the Substance versus chasing shadows which will leave us empty on December 26th. The Substance will fill us with joy and peace every day of the year. This isn’t to say there’s no enjoyment to be found in the… Continue reading Sweetness of memories on a tree


A dirty ministry

I was privileged to have been recently invited by an industrious and creative friend to take part in her garden ministry. An emergence of love rooted in dirty ground. A service of sacrifice stemming from a seed. Sharing time with hands of all sizes. Harvesting vegetables. Filling bags with nourishment. Satisfying the empty. Brown bags brimming with leafy green.  Swelling with life. … Continue reading A dirty ministry

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Thanksgiving and smoldering ashes

A phone call yesterday morning delivered the news my friend's home had burnt down in the middle of the night.  She and her husband barely escaped with only the clothes they'd worn to bed.  Thankfully, their children had spent the night elsewhere. Everything else was lost.  Everything. I knew I had to immediately get to my… Continue reading Thanksgiving and smoldering ashes