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The remedy for regrets ::: Rejoice

As the ornaments were removed from the tree this Christmas and placed in their storage box until next year, a wave of regret rushed over my heart.  Promises to finish our Truth in a Tinsel ornaments were never kept.  Promises … Continue reading

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A lesson of love from one who just lost

I “met” eight-year-old Daisy through Francis Chan.  I have followed her family’s story ever since that day. And I have prayed for sweet Daisy. Now I am celebrating her short, yet vibrant, life well lived.  And praying for her parents. … Continue reading

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God created “time” (how ours days will radically change if we believe this Truth)

With all the regular buzz of New Year’s resolutions, I have a suggestion. What if we resolve to give our time back to God? For by [Christ] were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible … Continue reading

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Christmas is wherever we are (a reminder to my husband)

There are unique times in this existence when we are allowed to witness a person living out his faith in his God. And I have the privilege of being united with such a man. A husband and father willing to offer his family not what the world tempts him … Continue reading

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Why are you trying to keep Christ in Christmas?

There’s been a buzz in social media outlets about how to celebrate Christmas. Contemplations over trees, stockings and Santa.  I’ve noticed families giving up traditions in the name of honoring Christ.  Children no longer allowed to keep their gifts in order … Continue reading

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My son’s growth has been stunted

Camden is certain we are stunting his growth. His argument, he claims, is scientifically valid. A person can only grow to fit his environment. It’s been proven. Camden sleeps on the kitchen table.  Kind of.  Remember, we live in an … Continue reading

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The juicy, yet weighty, part of being delivered

Just before heading out the door for an evening church service, Caleb opens the pantry looking for a quick snack.  Mom!  Why do you have these here? I presume he’s questioning the location of my dumbbells.  Firmly planted in the … Continue reading

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My life as a souped-up town car

We were traveling last week when my boys noticed a town car in disguise.  With extra large tires and added bling, it was definitely catching some attention. Mom!  Check this out! A souped-up town car! I caught a quick glimpse.  … Continue reading

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Fudging around for a fourteen year old (homemade healthy fudgcicles!)

If you know me to even a short extent, you know I believe living healthy is part of living fully. Don’t you know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have … Continue reading

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Losing 12 inches in 30 minutes (or longer depending on your height)

  Mom, why would anyone want to be shorter? This was Caleb’s question when he noticed an advertisement.  Lose 12 inches in 30 minutes. Containing a smile, I explained the business was claiming to help people lose weight not height. … Continue reading

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