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Stop questioning the coach and get in the game! {just a tip from a coach’s wife}

I need you to trust me. I have heard these words many times the last few weeks. From my husband, as parents and players question his coaching decisions.  Fathers and mothers find themselves free to offer guidance to the coach … Continue reading

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Fudging around for a fourteen year old (homemade healthy fudgcicles!)

If you know me to even a short extent, you know I believe living healthy is part of living fully. Don’t you know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have … Continue reading

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Sweetness of memories on a tree

There are many pleasures to be found in Christmas.   We must be careful to cling to the Substance versus chasing shadows which will leave us empty on December 26th. The Substance will fill us with joy and peace every day … Continue reading

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My Jolly Roger

I compromised today. But it was cold. And Jolly Roger looked so warm. Let me explain. For many years, I have held firm to boycotting the symbol representing my husband’s high school football team.  A skull and crossbones.  I don’t do … Continue reading

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If he loses, he’s not lost

My husband left ahead of us this morning, meeting the football players and other coaches, in preparation of their third playoff game.  Before leaving, we held hands as a family and prayed. While many coaches (Texas high school football, no less!) … Continue reading

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More than a Mantra

My pastor recently preached a sermon indicating we need more than a mantra in our lives.  He briefly made the correlation between a pep rally and the actual football game. This analogy was one to which I could relate.  With my husband … Continue reading

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