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The remedy for regrets ::: Rejoice

As the ornaments were removed from the tree this Christmas and placed in their storage box until next year, a wave of regret rushed over my heart.  Promises to finish our Truth in a Tinsel ornaments were never kept.  Promises … Continue reading

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Choose joy

It has been a while since I have last sat at the computer to post to the blog.  I apologize for my delay; however, I cannot say I am sorry for the reasons I have been away. God has been … Continue reading

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How I once ate a humble Girl Scout brownie (similar to eating humble pie)

As I spent time this morning in God’s Word, I was reminded of an opportunity for humbling when I was 10 years old. It was a warm Texas summer, and I had packed my bags to set off for Girl … Continue reading

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Let’s talk GLUTTONY or is now not a good time?

From our spiritual leaders we hear much of our need for surrender. Being yielded completely to God so we’re pliable clay in the Potter’s hands. It seems there is often one area frequently (purposefully?) overlooked. Even quietly accepted. Gluttony. Each … Continue reading

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Christmas is wherever we are (a reminder to my husband)

There are unique times in this existence when we are allowed to witness a person living out his faith in his God. And I have the privilege of being united with such a man. A husband and father willing to offer his family not what the world tempts him … Continue reading

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Less is more (an RV kind of Christmas tree)

Some time back, my friend Tiffany offered me three words of encouragement. Less is more. I didn’t realize, then, I’d be celebrating Christmas in an RV. And living out less is more as a family. This journey is certainly one … Continue reading

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Dia de Gracias (Guatemalan Thanksgiving)

We spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala this year.  Our family and our pastor.  I cannot deny the thoughts that came to visit that day.  Images of turkey, dressing and favorite desserts back home with family in Texas.  But, reality was gritty, sweaty, … Continue reading

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Sharing Sunday: ushering in abundance

Through John 21, our Pastor gave us a glimpse of the bounty available to believers. The plenty that fills our nets when Christ arrives. “Men,” Jesus called to them, “you don’t have any fish, do you?” “No,” they answered. “Cast … Continue reading

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I discovered a treasure in my RV!

One morning last week, on my way back to our new home in the RV, my thoughts veered toward and lingered on our cramped living circumstances awaiting my arrival. Forgetting we are in the middle of an amazing adventure with … Continue reading

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Don’t ditch your swim trunks (hope and swimming holes)

In my early years of social work, I had the privilege of transporting foster children to their medical appointments and family visits.  One of my favorite children was Arthur.  Arthur is now an adult.  But, when I entered into foster … Continue reading

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