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Endure with Joy (lessons from the RV)

It has been a year since we have been displaced. I used the term displaced loosely. I have friends in Guatemala who have no place to lay their heads or accumulate belongings.  They are displaced in the real sense of … Continue reading

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Is your representation legit?

I was in a sorority in college. Alpha Chi Omega. Thankfully, for the most part, my sisters were modest, Christian young women aiming to be world changers. I learned a lot through my experience with AXΩ. One lesson that has … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do (calling it splitsville with ME)

When my boys were much younger, we’d take trips to the store during the middle of the day since we homeschooled.  We were often asked if someone was sick or if there was a school holiday.  Obviously,  schooling from home … Continue reading

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Why Jesus might not be welcome in my town

I have pondered a thought for days. Have I made this dwelling on earth too much of a home? So comfy and cozy I have lost sight of heaven. In our small, Texas town, a petition is being passed among the people.  A … Continue reading

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Sharing Sunday: Agents of the Unimaginable

This morning, my pastor (who recently suggested we wear shabby clothes to church) shared a sermon from the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. He challenged us to walk in faith, mentioning those who do become agents of the … Continue reading

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Even lizards can’t move me today {my sight is set high}

I knew it was coming. Because it’s Friday. Caleb strode boldly from his room into the kitchen with a command under the guise of a suggestion. I think Camden should have to sweep the front porch today since I just … Continue reading

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Welcoming a resurrection {Preparing for Easter}

  There is a preparing in our hearts.  A time of anticipation. Awaiting a promise.  Looking for the refreshment. This season is upon us. Just before Easter. So much thought is given to preparing for Christmas.  Possibly it is selfish … Continue reading

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Sharing Sunday: Relationship or Rituals

Many people take notes during sermons.  That’s me.  I have notes from our Pastor’s sermons in binders from years ago.  Caleb, however, draws.  On occasion, I will be sharing our Sunday’s sermons here. Because isn’t living life fully accompanied by … Continue reading

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A hard times bible

I shuffle through the living room headed to my mug of hot tea waiting in the kitchen.  My little man is trailing me. He notices the Book on the table. Still there from last night. That bible’s been through hard times, mom. Weighted words … Continue reading

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If you’re settling for stagnant…

Our youngest son recently earned a trip to play miniature golf (that’s what some home school moms offer their kids for finishing school by 2:15pm every day).     My oldest son was fascinated, as always, with playing in the water (which is supposed to be off-limits).    But that didn’t … Continue reading

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