Enemies of God have fat hearts

As God so gently guides me through His Word, He carefully brings correction. Adulterers and Adulteresses! Don’t you know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? So whoever wants to become the world’s friend becomes God’s enemy.  (James 4:4) Adultery.  Harsh words.  Meant to bring pause and draw attention. Companions of the world. … Continue reading Enemies of God have fat hearts


Sharing Sunday: Intentional Illuminated Living

Complete darkness. Deep in a cave, the tour guide turns off every source of light.  I feel for my husband’s hand and grasp tightly.  Eyes wide open.  Yet nothing is seen. Everything recently familiar covered in a blanket of darkness.  The sure-footed path now hidden.  Uncertain of our step, we stand stone still.  I widen my… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Intentional Illuminated Living

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No Messy Do-Overs

During one of my son's recent art lessons, his instructor was urging him to "loosen up" (since being flexible is an important attribute of an aspiring artist!).  She encouraged him to comfortably create a new sketch on top of a previous drawing. She may as well have asked him to devour a live lizard and wash it down with castor… Continue reading No Messy Do-Overs


I’m Not Your Friend No More!

I recently had the opportunity to witness the birth of a friendship-breach followed by a harmonious reconciliation (all in the course of fifteen minutes).  Two four-year-old girls, one spunky and one touched with some sassy, were playing in my livingroom.  As the girls entertained themselves, I noticed an ignition of indignation over the ownership of their toys.  What started as a slow burn of fury… Continue reading I’m Not Your Friend No More!