My 100th tweet (guest post by Cody Hogden)

My 100th tweet. I have reached a milestone in my life.  The 100th tweet. As I stared at my Twitter account and looked at the number 99, the thought came over me, It's your 100th. Make it a good one. I know, as a Christian, being compared to the moon is nothing new. And honestly,… Continue reading My 100th tweet (guest post by Cody Hogden)


With Google in my eyes, can I see God?

While browsing an enlightening blog, Connecting Dots to God, I learned of a plan from Google to create something quite interesting.  Have you heard about Project Glass?      I find this amazing.  Yet, I’m also troubled.  I am sure most of you are remarkably disciplined and are not tempted by technology. However, I am.  In fact,… Continue reading With Google in my eyes, can I see God?


Sharing Sunday: Taking care of business. Before it’s too late.

The sermon this Sunday was based on the ninth chapter of John.  The story of the blind man healed as Jesus placed mud on his eyes and then instructed him to wash in the pool. With faith and obedience, the blind man dipped in the water.  And came back with sight. After He said these… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Taking care of business. Before it’s too late.


Sharing Sunday: Flesh eaters and blood drinkers

Just after feeding the multitudes, we find Jesus withdrawing to the hillside to be alone.  {There is so much truth awaiting absorption in that one example.  Don’t we all long for solitude yet rarely make the effort to get alone.  And even feel guilty for the thought of wanting to withdraw to the hillside.} His disciples… Continue reading Sharing Sunday: Flesh eaters and blood drinkers


A dirty ministry

I was privileged to have been recently invited by an industrious and creative friend to take part in her garden ministry. An emergence of love rooted in dirty ground. A service of sacrifice stemming from a seed. Sharing time with hands of all sizes. Harvesting vegetables. Filling bags with nourishment. Satisfying the empty. Brown bags brimming with leafy green.  Swelling with life. … Continue reading A dirty ministry


For this do iHope

Our children’s choir presented the iHope Christmas musical at church last weekend. Hope presented with childlike faith. Worship with complete abandon {check out face to the sky, hands raised high Harrison on the back row} Sharing a message with thirsty hearts. A message to be absorbed. Hope. Hope placed in the Wonderful Counselor. Expectancy resting… Continue reading For this do iHope


All they really want for Christmas…

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Wherever you are, be all there

As I put the final touches on my trip preparation, I am faced with all sorts of uncertainties.  At the last minute, my boys have some issues which need a mother's touch.  And I want it to be my touch. This hasn't taken God by surprise.  And it's another opportunity for me to fully trust Him. I… Continue reading Wherever you are, be all there


Guatemalan Gift of Grace

I wrestle with grace.  I resist the acceptance of something freely given.  My chief obstacle in swallowing grace is myself.  Pride.  The need for control.  The desire for the credit.  Do I hear an "amen"? In Greek, "grace" is translated Charis.  Charis means favor, goodwill and gift.    Undeserved favor comes to mind when I consider grace.  Charis also involves joy, gladness and the giving… Continue reading Guatemalan Gift of Grace

Faith, Family

Following Him

As Jesus was walking along the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon, who was called Peter, and his brother Andrew.  They were casting a net into the sea, since they were fishermen.  "Follow Me," He told them, "and I will make you fishers of men!"  Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.  (Matthew… Continue reading Following Him