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A lesson of love from one who just lost

I “met” eight-year-old Daisy through Francis Chan.  I have followed her family’s story ever since that day. And I have prayed for sweet Daisy. Now I am celebrating her short, yet vibrant, life well lived.  And praying for her parents. … Continue reading

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Strengthening the core (a tip from my favorite quarterback)

I find myself being continually enlightened by my fifteen year old. Camden and I are still arising in the early mornings to exercise together. (Tip for parents of teenagers: find something your teen enjoys and join him there.) The time … Continue reading

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My son’s growth has been stunted

Camden is certain we are stunting his growth. His argument, he claims, is scientifically valid. A person can only grow to fit his environment. It’s been proven. Camden sleeps on the kitchen table.  Kind of.  Remember, we live in an … Continue reading

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Check your ego at the door (because pride comes before a fall)

We attempt random feats at CrossFit.  One being a max box jump. Here’s Camden demonstrating (click here). The top five scores go on the board for men and women.  I’m not concerned, necessarily, with having my name on the board. … Continue reading

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Discovering painted skies in a colorless day

Husband’s out of town.  I’m holding down the fort. Camden’s running fever.  Tucking him in to bed, my weary mom cheek to his warm forehead, I pray for his comfort and healing. The setting sun and rolling in of night … Continue reading

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Mater (as in Tow Mater) convinced me to take off my church mask

When Caleb and I recently traveled to his basketball tournament, he was watching Cars 2 in the backseat for part of our seven hour drive. {We don’t typically watch movies in the car because I have found riding time to … Continue reading

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Discovering beauty on the other side of the coin

As we were leaving the Chimpanzee movie last week, I expressed to Caleb my frustration with the bad guys (or evil chimps) in the movie.  Caleb paused.  Then, using his gift of goodness, he gently corrected his mother. You’re only … Continue reading

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In the meantime…(while hoping for candy in the nice time)

A child begs his mother for candy. And she refuses his request. Not now, son.  You can have candy later.  In the meantime, let’s get our shopping done. The child, realizing adults have mean times, yet full of hope, relentlessly inquires. … Continue reading

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Losing 12 inches in 30 minutes (or longer depending on your height)

  Mom, why would anyone want to be shorter? This was Caleb’s question when he noticed an advertisement.  Lose 12 inches in 30 minutes. Containing a smile, I explained the business was claiming to help people lose weight not height. … Continue reading

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Even lizards can’t move me today {my sight is set high}

I knew it was coming. Because it’s Friday. Caleb strode boldly from his room into the kitchen with a command under the guise of a suggestion. I think Camden should have to sweep the front porch today since I just … Continue reading

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