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Sometimes it’s best to just stay off the road :: Guest Post by Cody Hogden

There’s just something about a 75 mph impact that will change your perspective. On December 13, 2013, my wife and I were in a rather nasty automobile accident. Since that day, I’d say I’m a pretty cautious driver. Stopping. Looking … Continue reading

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The remedy for regrets ::: Rejoice

As the ornaments were removed from the tree this Christmas and placed in their storage box until next year, a wave of regret rushed over my heart.  Promises to finish our Truth in a Tinsel ornaments were never kept.  Promises … Continue reading

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Stop questioning the coach and get in the game! {just a tip from a coach’s wife}

I need you to trust me. I have heard these words many times the last few weeks. From my husband, as parents and players question his coaching decisions.  Fathers and mothers find themselves free to offer guidance to the coach … Continue reading

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Endure with Joy (lessons from the RV)

It has been a year since we have been displaced. I used the term displaced loosely. I have friends in Guatemala who have no place to lay their heads or accumulate belongings.  They are displaced in the real sense of … Continue reading

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Letting you in on a lil’ secret (only read if you’re ready for joy)

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the story of Pastor Saeed Abedini.  He is being held captive in a wicked, Iranian prison simply for his faith in Jesus Christ.  While the rest of us are occupied with what we’ll eat for supper (while we’re … Continue reading

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A lesson of love from one who just lost

I “met” eight-year-old Daisy through Francis Chan.  I have followed her family’s story ever since that day. And I have prayed for sweet Daisy. Now I am celebrating her short, yet vibrant, life well lived.  And praying for her parents. … Continue reading

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A living picture of Christmas (by Francis Chan)

This story comes from Francis Chan. Yet this story ultimately comes straight from the heart of Jesus. Josh is a 20 year old guy that I serve with on Sunday afternoons. This past Sunday, he asked me to pray for an … Continue reading

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Before you resort to sniffing oils for curbing your holiday spending…

Our family uses essential oils for many reasons, primarily for healing numerous ailments.  I often receive newsletters from companies selling essential oils.  And, this week was no different. However, this particular email boasted a special claim. Ways to keep your holiday … Continue reading

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Less is more (an RV kind of Christmas tree)

Some time back, my friend Tiffany offered me three words of encouragement. Less is more. I didn’t realize, then, I’d be celebrating Christmas in an RV. And living out less is more as a family. This journey is certainly one … Continue reading

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Strengthening the core (a tip from my favorite quarterback)

I find myself being continually enlightened by my fifteen year old. Camden and I are still arising in the early mornings to exercise together. (Tip for parents of teenagers: find something your teen enjoys and join him there.) The time … Continue reading

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